Library has disappeared

I woke up today to find my library has disappeared. The drives are still listed on the setting sections, but it says I have no content listed.

Similar to my issue, reported yesterday in Watched folder and tidal favourites content gone?

Thanks. Annoying as hell.

Yes, means I am a dedicated Tidal fan at the moment…

Thankfully I still have Itunes, which allows me to stream that library.

Slightly addicted to Roon at the moment, but indeed I could fall back on my Meridian Sooloos setup, my Squeeze Server \RPi or my jriver setups if push came to shove.

Agreed but I signed up for the long haul. Lots of bugs and crashes. Hopefully they’ll get it together.

Hey @Kimmyrocker – sorry for the trouble here. I’m going to PM you and we’ll get some more info and figure out what’s going on.

Sorry for the trouble!