Library Keep Syncing since yesterday and my Albums goes down from 971 to 200 plus! and Spinner has been spinning for entire day!

I am still under trial period and 4 days to go but Roon give me all kinds of problem each day but this one by far is the biggest scare, i found my albums are missing from 971 to 200 plus and library has been syncing for 24 hours without doing anything i have logout Tital and Core several times but only rescue my Album back but now can not add more album and Tidal did not seem to work as it can not show all the function properly and Roon can not identify albums anymore as if my whole Roon/Tidal somehow not operating well even though i can still play the music.

i use Nux2 with Apple Extreme router and using CXN as main endpoint with my iPad/iPhone , i did my first back up 2 days ago and it took me 11 hours to back up my 800 plus album play list?


And now Roon does not show newly added Album even I put music files on the ROCK

Hey @Andrew_Shih,

A belated welcome to the Roon community :wave:

I’m very sorry to hear that from the very beginning you’ve been experiencing issues with importing your library. I’d like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you - this is not an accurate reflection of our normal response times :pleading_face:

Since it’s been a while, I was wondering, are there any updates on the status of your library? Can we help at all?

Hi @beka - thank you for your response, yes i was disappointed that no one seems to care of my problem since I was new and my device seems to suffer to function normally and I did not even get a chance to cancel my Roon as i return my Nux Roon Core back to the retailer for software re-installation. Now the problems seems to be resoved by removing all my music files which were ripped as Ma4 files and using AIFF instead, also reinstall the enire roon Core software, and now the endless sync seems to be disapearning, believed it or not the music sync went up to 18K tracks while my entire music file only with 3K tracks with my Tidal disconnected.

Everynow and then, i have this ‘lagging’ when I upsampling, and i was told it is internet and/or router issue? while my internet is running 100mb/sec speed and had no issue while I listen to Tidal directly with MAQ tracks… and I use Apple Extreme rounter which i bough more than 10 years ago.

Now i fear to back up my playlist and dropbox because last time I backup, it took up entire day to back up playist list while I only have like 1000 albums? and starting to having probalem and i don‘t know how critical i should back up playlist and if I should use dropbox to back up playlist etc…

What is the spec of the Nux2 , I can’t find anything on line to tell me.

Does it meet Roon minimum specs maybe an issue ?