Library Management 'mode'?

Roon is an excellent tool for playing and discovering music and artist content, but I’m finding it quite cumbersome for general library and playlist management.

It would be wrong to litter the beautifully clean interface with more buttons and features, so I was wondering if there could be a separate screen or page for library management. Some features that would be useful for this page:

  • to be able to view more than 14 tracks on a page
  • to sort tracks by metadata other than just track / artist / album / release data
  • instant play of track (no ‘add to list’ etc)
  • to drag/drop tracks to a list of playlists
  • edit track metadata
  • visual tabs for track tagging
  • playlist management: folders, custom notes and metadata for playlists, hide or archive playlists not required in the ‘main player’ screens
  • the ‘export’ features behind the ‘+’ buttons in the main player may be better here?
  • ditto ‘fix track grouping’ & ‘identify album’ functions
  • edit Picks

Anyone have any other Library Management feature suggestions? I know some of these are pretty ‘iTunes’, but I’d really like to ditch iTunes and the opportunity is here to build something much better. Roon is an awesome front end player and the layer of content is deep and beautifully presented… I just want to stop jumping back to organise stuff in iTunes! Maybe I’ve become too indoctrinated by it over the years.


Yes, these are total iTunes. However, that’s is where I am coming from, so I completely understand.

I’m interested in a Library management mode.

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