Library not recognizing Composers

Question #1 about the “Library”: All too often, when I attempt to add a streamed album to the Library, it will not load correctly.

For Example: Composer: Bach ; Performer Christian Tetzlaff ; Music: Violin Sonatas and Partitas

I click “Add to Library.” When I go looking for it in the Library this is what I find, or don’t find:

Under “Composers” — Nothing, No Bach, Nothing. Old Johan Bach is pretty well known around music circles, and Roon doesn’t recognize him?

Under “Albums” — It’s listed, but under the performers name. For Classical music it really makes more sense to list under the Composers name.

Under “Artists” ---- Check, it’s there. This is where the Performer should be.

Why isn’t Roon categorizing both the Composer and the Performer?

Up till now I’ve been organizing my music through “Playlists” but I thought the Library might be better, but I’m finding Roon’s organization, particularly with Classical to be totally unpredictable.

Question #2 — How do you edit/delete albums, etc from the Library?

Hi @Will_Connor,

Can you share a screenshot of the Album page?

Do you see the composer information listed here?


We have an article in our Knowledge Base about Editing that should help. You can select an album, click the 3 dots button, and choose Edit.

Thanks, Dylan, but what I’m talking about is that when I added the Bach (Composer), Tetzlaff (Performer or Artist), there was no listing made under the Composers section of the Library.

So, the problem with that is that if I want to find this album in the future, instead of going to Bach under composers (which seems like the most direct way to me), I’ll have to hunt around and remember who the performer is and look in the Artist or Album section.

If you get up to 100’s of albums this is going to be Chaos, and isn’t Roon’s main reason for being to provide us with a good way to organize non physical media music?

This is further complicated by the lack of consistency. Some Classical albums will propagate under Composer and some won’t.

It seems Roon needs to find a way to recognize that Classical music is organized mainly by Composer and Performer, unlike most other music where composer/performer are more often one and the same.

If I add a Classical album it should ALWAYS at least propagate to the Composer sections of the Library, no?

Is there a way to control where a particular album is propagated in the Library? I’m fine with doing it manually.

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This has been a feature request for a while

Easiest way is to go to Albums . Click on focus then Composer

The object model I assume has a Composer property, so it will filter by Beethoven even if theAlbum Name doesn’t contain Beethoven

If you like the view create a Bookmark so you can go back there quickly

Read the KB on Tags and Bookmarks

My vote is to go Composer>Album with some further filter on say Genre …BUT

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