Library playback not working

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro M1 SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

No VPN, Huawei 5G Router, Deco wireless

Connected Audio Devices

NAD 399 / BlueOs

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Roon stopped playing tracks on the SSD of my MacBook. Earlier they played well. BlueOs plays them without any problem.

I get the following messages:

  • Playing 1 track / Starting playback on your Audio device. This may take a moment!
  • Playing 1 track / Undo / Too many failures. Stopping playback. / Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load.

Roon finds the files and the albums, but above each track there is a red text “Corrupt”.

I think (but not sure) that the problem started when I downloaded and enabled Roon ARC.

Hey @Lauri_Thuren,

Thanks for your patience here! I wanted to follow up and see if you were still having issues with Roon loading your library?

If so, can you please share a screenshot of your Settings>Storage

Is this an external device plugged into your MacBook, or the internal SSD on the machine?

Still having the same problem. Here is a screenshot. I also have the library on an external SSD, but earlier this library has worked well with Roon.

Hey @Lauri_Thuren,

As a follow-up test, can you please:

  1. Disable this watched folder
  2. Create a new folder in a different location (even just a folder on your desktop) and add a few tracks
  3. Add this new folder as a watched folder in Roon

Let me know if you run into the same corrupt file issue after the above :+1:

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