Library repeatedly disappearing

Roon Core Machine

SonicTransporter i5 on version 2.8
Samsung 2TB SSD attached via USB - these files disappear
Music stored on Synology Diskstation NAS - works fine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero mesh network

Connected Audio Devices

Dutch & Dutch 8c via eero mesh network
Bluesound Powernode - LAN
Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i via eero mesh network

Number of Tracks in Library

Roughly 38K tracks

Description of Issue

I have about 20K FLAC files on the SSD attached directly to the SonicTransporter via USB. These files disappear from Roon. If I use the disk mounter app on the SonicTransporter to remount the drive, it will will rescan the drive and import all the files. Sometimes it fails part way through rescanning. If it succeeds, the file disappear again within a day.

Hi David Similar issues reported are in the attached thread. You may want read and track it as support are aware of it and will hopefully respond again in due course.

@moderators could you move this post to the thread.

Thanks Fergus. I did realize other are having this issue. My understanding was that proper etiquette was to start a new thread, that could then be consolidated.

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No problem David. I see that it hasn’t been moved but also no response either!!

Trust it all gets sorted for you soon.

Hi @David_Frantz ,

I activated diagnostics mode for your Core, but I am not seeing the same errors as the linked thread, so you might be having another type of issue here.

Can you please let us know the exact local time + date when you notice the library disappear again? Have you tried a different USB port and confirmed the behavior is the same there?

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Library was missing this morning. It’s been a day or two since I checked. I restarted Roon, then used the drive mounter on the Sonic Transporter to remount the drive. It added all the tracks again. Only the part of the library attached via USB is impacted.

I have not tried swapping to a different USB port. Will try that now.

Thanks for your help!

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