Library shows all albums twice

I recently bought a Nucleus and set it up. It created a new database which listed all my albums. However, I then realised that I should have used my previous database, which was stored on a NAS. Yesterday I uploaded the previous database from my NAS as I wanted to use that one instead of the one created by Nucleus.
When the databse was updated, I listed my albums and saw that all albums were shown twice…
How do I get rid of the duplicates? It is not realistic to manually delete them as it is around 5000 albums…
Any suggestions, please.

Hey @Jaan_Warnhoff,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage? There are most likely multiple watched folders there which is the reason for the duplicates.

The best option, if you have a backup available, is to restore a backup from before the second watched folder was added, remove the first watched folder entirely, and then add the second one that you want to use back in. You can read more about this in our Knowledge Base.


Problem solved. The library was set to point twice on the file system…

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