Licensing terms and Internet Bandwidth


I have a probably rare problem. I spend most of my time in the USA with a robust unbounded internet connection. But I also spend a few months a year in Normandy, France, where the only internet connection is via a 4G cellular network (you have to buy a cellular/Wifi ‘hotspot’ box). Which is strongly limited in monthly data limits. So I have two questions:

  • can I simply transfer my Roon account between the Mac Mini here and a different Mac Mini there? (I’d populate the thing in the USA and hand carry to and fro - necessary for other useful stuff too). I don’t mind losing usage metadata between here and there. And how do I transfer, if this is possible? (I assume I need to install Roon in the traveling Mac Mini, best done in the USA)

  • how much internet bandwidth does Roon (without Tidal or any other streaming services) use in normal operation? Background: a smallish collection of 700 albums.

ADvice and info much appreciated

– P

Unless circumstances have changed, Roon without Tidal can be operated in normal use sans Internet connection. Roon core/server requires connectivity only periodically – something around every 30 days – to confirm Roon license status.


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As I’d suspected! Thanks for probable confirmation.