Lifetime Membership Discount or Sale? [Lifetime Subscriptions are not discounted]

I’m thinking of getting the Lifetime. Any chance of a Black Friday deal of some sort? Also will the Lifetime option ever go away?

To be brief and to the point.
No discounts on Subscription. There are specials for Black Friday in the Roon Store on hardware.

Yes, at some point the option to take out a lifetime subscription will go away.

Lifetime will go away? Could you please comment a lil bit on that. Go away for purchase or go away even for lifetime owners and they get forced back on sub model? Thanks!

They can’t do that. I just bought lifetime…

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I can give you examples of other companies that did that, but I have strong believe Roon wont pull the rug under lifetime members feet. I bought lifetime yesterday, after two years being on monthly sub. @Rugby would you mind clarifying your statement, especially the “at some point” part. Thanks a lot

Roon have hinted that at some point in time Lifetime will go away for purchase.

Lifetime licenses bought up to that point in time will of course be honoured:


I’m guessing they did it initially to raise cash quick. I would think subscriptions would be the viable business model. But…since they announced the price hike to over $800 next year why would they pull the offer right away?

I am not the business owner so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Lifetime gives extra boost, sub gives extra mileage from financial perspective. For me personally if something works and I like it, I go and purchase it, if there is such option. In this case the lifetime is no brainer, especially if you like to support the product. Now again financially if your customer base is mostly lifetime members, eventually you’ll run out of cash. On the other hand with sub model you wont, as long as you have healthy customers base, meaning enough folks to keep a healthy revenue streams. For me personally if I was business owner, I would keep both, but adjust the pricing as going forward. Pretty much what Roon folks are doing. Showing respect to my old supporters and also giving the chance new people to support me via lifetime, if they prefer to do so. Businesses main objective should be having happy well served customer base. If that’s accomplished they will pay gladly. On top of that you will benefit some extra perks, like free advertisement. I landed in Roon land after competitor company, which product I was using, changed their model, ditched their “lifetime” licensing and forced everyone on sub. I was furious, and I despise them ever since. Meaning I am never going back to them no mater what they do coz I do not trust them any more. Saying that I am pretty happy with what Roon offers, and to be honest it’s way better product compared to what I was using before. So here are my 2 cents on doing business with customers.

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If you bought your car, you’ll be able to keep your car.

If you lease, but are thinking about buying, you should do it sooner rather than later because at some point you might not have the option to buy.

Roon can’t survive on lifetime subscribers.

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