Lifetime Sub Meet and Greet

Count me in, just subscribed for a lifetime sub!


New lifer from Italy


Lifetime member from the Netherlands. I took the plunge February 2017 and no regrets.


I switched to lifetime in January 2018 after being a ‘normal’ subscriber since May last year. Very satisfied!

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Greetings Everyone!

I had been leaning towards lifetime, in large part to support Roon and what they are trying to do, and decided to go for it (about halfway through my year)!

This post got me excited about the future of Roon, not necessarily that specific vision of Roon Radio 2.0, but that the CTO (@brian) posts regularly, that the team is passionate about music and the product, that it continues to evolve. You have my support… carry on!



Welcome to all new lifers, particularly those who’ve converted from an annual subscription. I’m excited for things to come and believe the lifetime sub remains excellent value for money.


After I bought into Roon - it rolled into the usual 1 year option and I think it was less than 24hrs before I had converted that to lifetime. It was a no brainer based on what I had been using those 2 weeks of trial.

Of course the product has developed leaps and bounds since (V1.2 back then) and with so many great things planed it just keeps getting better.

Welcome to the lifers for those who recently stepped up and made yourselves known.

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Didn’t know where to post but had to share the joy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input of forum members, especially Ratberg, in helping me get to grips with the set up and ROON for their excellent support, I now have running a 7th Gen Intel i5 NUC, NAS, USBridge and Meridian Prime HA/DAC+PSU combo feeding a pair of bass cannons - the Fostex TH900 mk2s :smile:

Looking forward to the evolution of such an already great product.



+1 (finally, annual since '15)

Mac Mini (SSD) --> µR+


After 7 month upgraded the annual subscription to a lifetime membership.
Can’t imagine listening music without Roon.


After 10 days with 1.3 I purchased lifetime. I think it’s inexpensive for what is does for my enjoyment of music and family audio bliss.

It’s the interface, despite its warts, that got me. I used to simply play files via Windows Explorer or Mac Finder as I never found anything beyond Foobar or Winamp that did much for me.

For me, the value of lifetime Roon is in my total immersion and enjoyment of music, finding new music and finding old music I’d forgotten was in my collection.

I do need to be more conservation installing updates though, better change control throughout my system. Self discipline and documentation - wow, now I just took most of the fun out of it.

Much better than a new CD player … so happy I took the plunge! I’ve been using Roon since 2016 and switched to lifetime last year.

If people think Roon is expensive (License and core machine) perhaps they should look at it as buying a very top end CD player that will do more than a CD player ever could.

It’s all about how you look at things.


and $500 doesn’t buy a very good transport.

Oh, but it can! :smile: You just got to know where to look … in this forum.

Love roon and just subscribed lifetime. But there’s no special greeting mail to me, anything wrong?

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None of the rest of us got a special greeting either - we just turned up on this thread and waved - just like you. Hello and welcome :grin:

Welcome in… :sunglasses:

Welcome Isiah.