Lifetime subscription after trial pricing question

I’m currently in the middle of a 3 month trial from the Black Friday offer. I’m aware of the incoming price increase coming into effect on 1/1/23, and I can see that if I move to annual pricing at the end of my trial, then my first annual payment will be at the 2022 price level, with subsequent annual payments being at the higher level.

Does that also apply if I wanted to buy a lifetime subscription at the end of the trial, or would I have to pay for that before the end of 2022?

Thanks very much.

You’d have to purchase the lifetime before 2023.

Thanks for your reply. Pardon my asking, but do you have an official “source” for this info?

Buy lifetime in 2022 to lock in the old price. Buy lifetime in 2023 and get the increased price.

Danny has confirmed somewhere in this thread that for the [Black Friday Subscription Deal] you need to pay before the end of 2022 and lifetime starts at the end of the deal, pay in 2023 and its new price.

Thanks guys - found the official answer in the thread you linked to. Much appreciated.

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