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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows, 16gb ram, on build 1.6 (build 416) 64bit

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet not sure about router but its unrelated.

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Description Of Issue

I have this problem often and its really quite a pain. I’ll add a song to my favorite albums/tracks but when I sort by ‘recently added’ it wont be at the top and only appears in the list if I don’t turn that sorting on at all. On a related note, can I get my tracks to sort by recently added by default?

Don’t know about your first problem, but on your second problem, if you go to the Tracks view and select the blue arrow at the right of the header you can select which fields you want to display. Turn on Date Added, then simply click on the Date Added arrows to sort putting the most recent tracks at the top of the list.

Hi @Davis_Morley,

Can you please share some screenshots of the issue? I would suggest turning on the “Date Added” field as David mentioned. Where are these tracks coming from, TIDAL/Qobuz or Local?

– Noris

Tidal. I think i’ve boiled the issue down to me removing and then reading a song to my favorites. If I’ve already favorited a song, remove it, and then add it back, it will go to its first position and wont go to the top. If you’d still like a visual example i’d have to record my screen but that would be fine if its necessary.

If you add something to your library, and then remove it, it is actually still in the Roon database. It is held there so if you re-add it, all the previous information (edits, etc) will be retained.

If you remove it and then go to Settings/Library, Clean Library, check the “Clean up deleted files” and clean the database, it will remove the database entries for good, and re-adding it will be like adding it new.

However, a cautionary note: sometimes you want Roon to keep the information for currently unavailable tracks and if you clean the library that information is gone. So be careful.

Hi @Davis_Morley,

I believe @Rugby’s explanation here is correct. Once a track has been added to the database, it will still be saved in memory and you will see the original “added date”. I would be very careful with Library Cleanup because if you have a media location that is temporarily unavailable (hard drive disconnected or media files have been moved elsewhere), the link between the database and the temporarily unavailable files will be affected.

– Noris

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