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I have been using this DAC for a year and one half with Roon. It shows Roon when you turn it on. . Now it says it is uncertified and will not play any music. I did give it a name which I am unable to delete.

Hello @slingshot,

Thanks for letting us know of this :pray: . Sorry about the trouble :sweat:

I was wondering, is there any firmware update available for the Musicbook SOURCE? Could you please update the device is possible?

I will try that , thank you

Thank you that did the trick. I was also able to delete the name that I gave it. I have been a very happy Roon user for six years. I have about six old Dacs that are showing up under Audio but I cannot delete them. There must be a way.

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Hey @slingshot,

That’s awesome to hear! Thanks for giving it a try and keeping us posted :partying_face:

While there is no direct way to remove previous devices from Settings → Audio within the Roon app, this might help:

Thank you. I am not using the NUC as the Lindemann DAC (no longer shown as Uncertified) has internet, no USB, connected to to my PC in another room. Not a huge problem .

I have tried to delete them it on my computer, cannot not do it. Also reset the network and they were not deleted.

Just bought a new computer so hopefully they will not show up on it.

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Hey @slingshot,

Thanks for following up. I wanted to reply because I had a conversation with our technical team about your case and I believe the information they had to share can be very helpful to achieve what you’re looking for. Could you please:

  1. Delete the (unused) ASIO drivers in Windows
  2. Disable other unused zones in Roon

Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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Hi @slingshot,

Since it’s been a while since we last talked, I wanted to check in and see if the steps outlined in my previous post made a difference? :nerd_face: