Linear power supply

Hi , I have searched the threads but have found no conclusive answe
I have a nuc 6i5syk
And would like to purchase a linear power supply
I’m getting conflicting answers regarding volts and ampage ,
It’s says 19 v on the box
Is anybody using one other than the s booster power supply ??

not sure of specific use cases; however, other LPUs that are frequently used and highly regarded are from: HDPlex and KECES. their models have multiple outputs that are adjustable

I’ll soon receive a Keces P8 linear power supply (dual outputs) to supply power to my Nucleus and switch. My understanding is that Intel NUCs — on which the Nucleus units are based — operate on ~19 volts and ~4 amps.

Hi there, I can confirm the NUC works on 19V, I`ve just installed one. I was offered an Audiophile Low Noise Source from IFI AUDIO.

They´re good for Raspberry Phi but not powerfull enough for a NUC

A NUC is specified to run at 12 volts minimum, 19 volts maximum via the rear connector. A lower voltage requires higher current. The important number is wattage. The supplied bricks are 65 watt so regardless of voltage (within the upper and lower limits), if the wattage is sufficient you will be fine.

I use the Teddy Pardo 19/3 with my NUC and I like it a lot.

I measured my NUC7i5 it has M.2 SSD for ROCK OS and second SSD for music.

This is with regular 44.1/16 no DSP

19Vdc average 0.57A (10.83W) and peak 1.5A
15Vdc average 0.69A (10.35W) and peak 2.1A
12Vdc average 0.81A (9.72W) and peak 2.8A

Average is during play to Roon endpoint. Peak was during start up.

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This is the standard charger
19v 3.43 amp

I will receive a Teddy Pardo unit next week. Already got one poweing my Naim streamer and it is brilliant.

Teddy confirmed that 19/3 will power a NUC (7i).

Can’t justify paying big money for teddy pardo
So it looks like I’m going to buy a cheaper Chinese’
I will try to find some way of testing the power when I get it
Thanks for the reply’s so far guys
Keep them coming
Especially if you’ve had experience with one of these

Can anyone here tell me why a switch to a linear power supply on my NUC would make an appreciable difference to sound quality on my system.

I do use linear supplies on my Sonore microRendu (Teddy Pardo) and on my Mytek Brooklyn+ DAC (SBooster) in one of my 2 main systems, but on an Intel NUC?

For those that have made the switch, do you believe that this on its own has made a material difference in respect of sound quality?

I recently purchased a Keces P8 low-noise linear power supply, which has dual connections. I have my Nucleus connected on the 19-volt input and my TP-Link vanilla switch on the 9-volt input. Prior to the installation, I was having occasional crackling noises on my system. Those noises have vanished. I have no idea which of those connections or whether the combination of connections has solved my problem. Just happy. Oh, and the musicality of my set-up has improved markedly.立分缐性電源-lps-2/

Running a 19v 6A LPS from a local source.

Have 2 of these, one on my main NAS & one on the NUC (5i3) running ROCK - no issues. The one on the NAS does get warm when the NAS is performing a RAID scrubbing, which ensures the RAID1 volume is in sync and with 10TB discs can take over a day.
My NAS units, NUC etc are all ‘backend’ in the study away from the ‘frontend’ equipment.

What do you have 2 of sir ?

The Zero-Zone power supplies you listed in an earlier post.

Thanks Simon
I was hoping you was going to say that m8
So far ,
Know one has said you can’t use them
So I’m going for that ,
I love the Chinese guys

Thanks for all the comments guys
I hope this can answer some questions for some of the other people in search of the perfect sound

By the way ,
Scientists have predicted the perfect sound

Me too. I bought the 19V Zero-Zone last summer to improve multi-channel sound through my NUC’s HDMI. Works great.

Hi - I am pretty sure that the Zero-Zone linear power supplies will ‘work very well’.

However, can anyone describe to a sceptic how or why it offers anything to a NUC from a sound perspective - I assume it potentially reduces (or is perceived to reduce) RF noise on the network or mains circuit?

Incidentally, I am not a complete sceptic. I do have an external linear power supply that I use with my Mytek Brooklyn+ in preference to this unit’s internal power supply. However, struggling to work out why it might benefit a NUC. Taking this to its extreme, I guess one should have linear power supplies (or a good SMPS power supply) for any component attached to one’s network, or a completely separate mains power circuit dedicated . I am aware that many people swear by separate mains circuits. But does anyone go as far as replacing power supplies in all items attached to their home network?

Well I have fallen for trying an LPS on my ROCK. Will let you know if it makes any difference in a few weeks when it arrives.