Link Seedbox Slot/Server

Hello, I just signed up for the lifetime membership and wanted to know if it’s possible to link a seed box slot/server so that I am able to access my files that I have downloaded there? Whatbox is my seed box provider. I’ve tried linking it for the past few hours and it isn’t working.

Here you can read what is supported in Roon:

All else is unsupported AFAIK (I’m just another Roon user). As I never read anything about this service here on the forum maybe nobody knows.

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So are you trying to access physical hardware or a cloud service?

A cloud service.

Will it present itself as a SMB share or the Mac equivalent which Roon will recognise?

Hi @brownsugah,

Cloud storage services are not supported for use with Roon. Please see this article for more information about supported storage.

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