Linkwitz LXmini + MiniDSP + Roon

Hello Roonies,

I was going to write a message to @wizardofoz directly about this, because I noticed he references Linkwitz speakers in his profile, but then I thought, why not make a new topic and see who else has ideas about this.

I’ve got Roon (yes, right), have a nice RPI with an XLR DAC and some monoblock Hypex NC400 amps connected to some nice Teufel speakers.

Now, if I were to build myself some Linkwitz LXminis, the question I have is regarding the use of the MiniDSP. The MiniDSP is essential for the performance of the speakers, it corrects the response of the speakers directly. This seems like a wise way to design speakers, as the manufacturer can control the DSP directly for the hardware. Grimm Audio also do the same thing with a DSP controlled frequency curve.

The question is, can the Roon DSP convolver apply the correction that the MiniDSP would apply?

I ask for several reasons. One is that obviously the MiniDSP is yet another box. Not only that, my DAC and amps are balanced, and the MiniDSP is evidently not. And if the speaker correction profile can be handled by Roon… even better.

So the idea is, can I just build some LXminis and use everything else (the DAC, the Hypex amps) and have Roon do the job of the MiniDSP?

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Hi Chris, you can also look at an ASP instead of DSP. Check out the OPLUG forums and

Hi Wizardofoz,

thanks for the link.

Do you have any experience with the ASP PCB? There’s no parts list or instructions…

Let me answer my own question… evidently it’s just the PCB of this kit.
Interesting. I don’t think it makes much sense to buy anything less than the ACN Basic + LXmini Kit. The price of a MiniDSP is less than the full ACN Kit, which would still need to be assembled. Hmmm, maybe the DSP solution isn’t such a bad idea afterall.

But if we’re back to the DSP, then I still have a question from before.

This is the DSP curve for the LXmini speakers:


As stated by Nelson Pass in the instructions for the Passlabs ACN “It’s got lots of little bumps, peaks and dips, each correcting for the curve that Siegfried obtained when he put a microphone in front of the speaker and measured the response.”

This curve can be applied via DSP or as an active analog crossover.

Could it also be made using REW or one of the curve making services and applied via the Roon convolver? Is that not exactly what the point of the LX-series of Linkwitz speakers is - speakers with correction baked in? And these days, with Roon and convolution, is that not just another way of correcting the basic LX response?

Why use an extra external DSP / ACN, when we have Roon?

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Roon doesn’t have/support 4 way DSP output (at least not that I have noted)…Frank has prebuilt and tested ASP setups and others. DSP is an acceptable option but not (for me at least) when you have analogue into the DSP from a DAC as this means D to A to D to A

The correct link for Franks site changed and now you can visit

Here is the OPLUG post

older options might not be available - I dont keep up as I have Orion, Pluto, LXmini and LX521. I have boards for the mini 2x2 ASP and have built but yet to rewire my LX521’s to use the LX521.4 ASP from hairball.

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Thanks for your feedback. You are right, D to A to D to A is sub-optimal, and I didn’t understand that Roon is not able to do 4-way DSP. I’ll have a look at the ASP/ACN and your links.