Linn Akurate DSM - problem with switching inputs

I just made big changes in my system and currently run Linn Akurate DSM to ATC SCM40A active speakers. Roon support works great on ADSM, thanks for that. I have it connected via ethernet cable to my D-Link 868L wireless router. It’s the latest spec ADSM with Katalyst board.

But I did notice one problem with it. When I have music playing via Roon and I switch input to Toslink (where my TV is connected), I get no sound from TV. If I completely stop music before I switch the inputs (long press on pause button in Roon) I get sound from TV input. But if the music is playing or is just paused, I get no sound. Of course if I switch inputs few times to something else and then back to TV, I get sound again but this is inconvenient. I tried to change the Toslink input but same behavior with other inputs also. There’s no such behavior if I play music from Spotify via ADSM’s inbuilt Spotify Connect. Also it seems ADSM prioritizes network sources over others since if I start music on Roon, it automatically switches to that input. But that’s ok and normal.

This might be related to Linn software also but I thought you should know about it and maybe have a look. Thanks!

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Hello @patouskii,

Apologies about the delay in getting back to you here, can I please ask you to reproduce this issue once more and note the exact local time in your country (e.g. 1:17PM) that you experience this switching behavior?

I would like to take a look at the diagnostics from your machine to see if there are any error messages around that time, I can’t say for sure that it will help but it might be useful. I will also put in a request for the hardware team to take a look at the Linn Akurate that we have in-house to see if we are able to reproduce this behavior.


Thanks for reply Noris.

I actually contacted Linn support about this also and got this reply today:

” Thank you for your e-mail.

When you are using Roon, this effectively takes control of the DSM and all commands from Roon take precedent. So if you are playing audio from Roon and change source without stopping the audio stream from Roon, it will revert back to the Roon stream.

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So I guess it’s normal?

Hi @patouskii,

That does seem to be expected since Roon takes precedence over the incoming stream and this explained in our RAAT Documentation.

Two-way control integration . Artwork and now-playing information can be displayed on hardware devices. Front-panel controls and IR remotes can control Roon via the device. Volume controls on device front panels can be kept in sync with Roon. If you’re talking to a device that has multiple inputs, and start music in Roon, the input automatically switches to Roon’s input. Anyone who’s used Roon’s Meridian integration knows the value of this set of capabilities.

I was a bit confused since you mentioned that you have to long press on pause to switch the input, a simple press of the pause button and waiting 5-10 seconds will “release” the audio device and allow you to switch the input.


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