Linn Selekt DSM - problem with switching inputs

When I stop playback on Roon using the Roon App and switch the input to SPDIF with the Linn IR remote control, there is no playback sound. If I wait 5-10 seconds referring to the following article (* 1), this problem will not occur.
Linn Support has either turned on “Konfig --Device --Advanced --Auto Play” or said that the latest version of Roon doesn’t have any issues, but I’m having issues in my environment.
Do I have to wait 5-10 seconds after Roon playback ends even in the Roon 1.8 (build 764) + Davaar 4.80.891 environment?

(* 1)

This is how it works, I think there’s nothing to do. As you can see I asked about this earlier and got the response quoted in your post.

If you want to make the input switch quicker, you can long press Roon remote pause button which stops the playback completely and release ADSM. That way you can instantly switch inputs. If you only pause the music from Roon, you need to wait ~5 seconds before you can switch.

Improvements and Bug Fixes for Build 880:
Linn streaming:
Implement track progress support for Linn songcast streaming
Fixed case where Roon was incorrectly sending “stop” command to Linn devices after input switch

After updating to Build 880, when switching input to SPDIF with the LINN IR remote control during Roon playback, Roon playback stops and the input from SPDIF is played back.
Has the problem been fixed?

I didn’t notice this before, seems to be working well here.