Linn Akurate Exakt Update

Hi, I have an 2018 Linn Akurate and bought a Exakt Update . For that both Mainboards were exchanged . When I connect the nucleus+ via hdmi to the Linn Akurate, the SW does not recognise the device and i can pick Linn Akurate Exakt DSM .
Also a „this is not your device“ link to do that process again .

Doing the same from the Audio Tab in Settings everything is different . I can not change what has been found in the network , my Linn Device still connects as Linn Akurate without the Exakt Update and the „this is not your device“ is missing .

Any chance to change that so I can pick the „Exakt“ right Model ?

Hi @Horst_P_Beck,

Can you please share a few screenshots of this issue? You can upload screenshots here by using these instructions. Have you tried rebooting both the Nucleus and the Linn DAC yet? If not I would give this a try.

– Noris

hi, as you can see in the screenshots there is difference between endpoints directly connected via hdmi and those found in the network . restart can not change that because you’re sw is designed like that and the linns still announce themselves as normal Akurate DSM .

I tried to change that by resetting to factory , but that process did not change anything.
it is in fact no factory reset, because in setting, in the audio section, in the network section, if I enable the Linn Akurate, my special name to it is filled out .

So the nucleus + still remembers that this equipment was named Akurate EG …

Linn will probably not change anything to that, when you make the “this is not your device” available in the network section too, people can choose their equipment manually .

thx for the quick reply. rgds hpb

Hi @Horst_P_Beck,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots. Hmm, I wonder what the Linn Konfig app reports this device as, can you please check and share a screenshot?

– Noris