LINN Klimax DS cannot upscale to DSD?

Longtime ROON and Linn DS user who now wants to play around with DSD upscaling. Last year Linn implemented DSD capabilities on my Klimax DS Katalyst up to 128. For the life of me I cannot see any menu options/toggles to implement this feature in ROON.

Will ROON not upscale to DSD on LINN because it is not using RATT?

Anyone from support??

Actually I have ROON Core running on my iMac 27". If I go to the iMac I am now able to enter DSP and select DSD upsampling.

It does not appear to be accessible from an iPad control point running ROON. Is this normal behavior - or should it be available to access from the iPad as well.

Hi @greggl,

An iOS device might not have all of the same options as the Core due to screen size. You should be able to configure the DSP options on the Core and then save a Preset which you can switch between on the iOS device:

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