Linn Klimax DSM with Organic DAC Upgrade is not recognized correctly

@support (@to whom it concerns),

I have the Linn Organic DAC Upgrade in my Linn Klimax DSM2 for a few days. The Linn Klimax DSM with Katalyst DAC is therefore at the technical level of the new Klimax DSM3. Internally at Linn (due to the upgrade) it is referred to as the Klimax DSM/3U.

The Organic DAC has the following specifications (screenshot from the technical description)

Now to my problem, for which I am hoping for help or a solution:

The Organic DAC has a resolution of 24Bit/384 kHz and DSD 256. And it can also handle the high resolution. If I play one of my recordings in this high resolution (352,8 kHz) via a UPNP server (Twonky) and the Linn app, both the app and the Klimax DSM3U display this resolution.

Screenshot Linn App showing the resolution:

Photo of the Klimax DSM3U display showing the resolution:

Now I play the identical recording on Roon. You can see that the recording is in 24Bit 352.8 kHz.

Now comes the problem. Roon does not pass this resolution on to the device, but downsamples it. Note: No DSP function or resampling is activated. All settings are standard.

The lower resolution is also shown on the Klimax display:

I check the audio settings to see if I’m missing something, but it only shows my Linn Klimax with the correct IP address

My guess is that Roon is not correctly recognizing the Klimax with the Organic DAC Upgrade. On Linn’s own configuration page, the Klimax DSM/3U is correctly recognized and (intentionally?) overlaid with the image of the new Klimax DSM3.

So it doesn’t seem to be a problem for Linn to correctly identify the device. I have no problem with the Organic DAC upgrade being identified as the new Linn Klimax DSM3. The technical specifications are identical.

And that would be my request that Roon do the same. Even if I only have 5 recordings in total that have such a high resolution, I would still prefer to be able to hear them in the original resolution via Roon.

Click the gearwheel for the Klimax when displaying Roon’s “Audio” tab, and screenshot “Device configuration” details including what’s shown when displaying also “Show advanced”, for the forum to see … maybe we can then deduct what’s going wrong …

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You might want to look at this thread:

Basically, Linn’s range of Organik streamers/upgrades haven’t been ‘Roon Tested’ yet. Hence the inability of Roon to recognise their resolution upgrades.

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Yep. This sucks. Is Roon waiting on a device (perhaps pressure could be applied on Linn by our dealers) or is it simple bug level work that always gets shunted to the bottom by all the new features?

@beka can you give us an update?

@danny I can understand how this could be a low priority in your bug pile…but, it is Linn’s flagship product and the ball has been in Roon’s court for over a year.

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I have set the language in Roon to “English” so that there are no irritations. This is the setup of the device:

There is nothing where I can see that I can select another device e.g. a Klimax DSM3.

Thank you for the information. This is quite unfortunate… :frowning_face:

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3 days ago I wrote to Linn Support, described the problem and linked to this thread. Today I received the following answer:

Thank you for your e-mail

Once Roon have completed certification, the new Klimax Organik will be added and the full functionality will become available. I am unable to advise when this may be.

As it stands, it’s only up to Roon to complete the certification.

Yes, it’s been in Roon’s court for over a year.


Any chance this is going to be sorted anytime soon?

No idea. I’ve tagged support and Danny on this and the other thread and they haven’t responded.

I am sure their bug count is astronomical right now given the recent major release and ARC.

I do wish they would let us know if the hold up is having possession of a device because we might be able to help them with that.

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