Roon downsampling DSD256 to 128 though Linn DSM supports 256

Core Machine
Nucleus+, internal SSD

Network Details
Linn DSM >Etherregen <Nucleus

Audio Devices
Linn Organic DSM

Library Size

Description of Issue
Just got a brand new Linn Organik DSM. It supports DSD256. However, when I try to play DSD256, Roon downsamples it to DSD128.

Any idea why? Or how to get it to stop?


Hello @Michael_Faoro,

Congrats on your purchase :partying_face: and thanks for reaching out to make sure it’s being used in the best possible way.

I was wondering, could you please send us a screenshot of:

  • the Signal path, while playing a track
  • the Device Setup (expanded by clicking on Show Advanced on the pop-up window). You can find this in Settings → Audio by clicking in the gear :gear: icon next to the device.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Thank you!

I hadn’t notice that device setup UI was there.