Roon downsampling DSD256 to 128 though Linn DSM supports 256

Thanks for letting us know. Heading to the computer to update pronto!

However, it is still not a complete solution - Roon does not allow me to up sample to DSD 256.

I updated the firmware but Roon is still converting 256 to 128.

@beka Perhaps Roon has to flip a switch to get the conversion to stop. Or perhaps the DSM3 still isn’t certified?

Check your Roon device “Max sample rate DSD” setting.

Thanks @wklie, Roon does not let me go beyond DSD 128.

I cant find that in Roon or Konfig. Any idea where it might live?

Could you post a screenshot of the Roon device setup - advanced - Max sample rate DSD - drop down list box?

Here it is, there is nothing related to max DSD sample rate

I see. While normally available for USB DAC and most Roon Ready devices, Roon does not provide this setting for this Linn.

The odd thing is that Linn said that they fixed the DSD 256 playback for Roon. How did they test it?

DSD256 support on the new Linn Klimax DSM is on our roadmap.

We’re working with Linn to get the required changes in place in the device’s firmware as well as in Roon.

Stay tuned.


Thank you @john. Just the kind of news and informative post I was hoping for.

@john, I was hoping the next Roon release would address this issue, but apparently the latest release 1.8 (build 831) does not include this fix?

I just updated and it still isn’t working. Too bad.

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@beka, @john, @danny: It would be great if you guys can give us an ETA for the fix? I understand that not many people would use $39,000 Linn DSM/3 with Roon, but it is a high priority for some of us, who are prepared to spend anything for the sake of SQ.

Many thanks.

Hi @QuinnT,

It wasn’t quite ready yet for this release. I can assure you it’s still in the works.


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It’s a bit old, but not that old. The similarly priced Klimax DSM is far more popular with Roon users.

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Thanks @danny, Next-generation Klimax DSM | Network Music Players | Linn USA is in fact the very linn dsm/3 that I am referring to, which is the latest and top of the line linn streamer.

ah! i thought they were on /4 already, but i think that’s only for some of the products… the klimax is still /3

Yes, it is. The other one is ds/3 (without the ‘m’), which is a bit old as you rightly pointed out.