Roon downsampling DSD256 to 128 though Linn DSM supports 256

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Any update on this? I believe it’s in Roon’s court now.

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it has been a very long long long long time !!

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C’mon! It took Linn eleven years to release its first CD player. Now that’s a long time! :wink:

I hope that you are joking, right?

Nope. Their Karik was originally launched in 1993.

But, joking aside, things move slowly with Linn. It’s notable to see that their revised Majik DSM (2020) has yet to achieve Roon-Tested status.

Not sure if you know anything about the Linn products? Their streamers are not and will never be Roon-Ready. :slight_smile: If you do, you would never say this?

Apologies. I meant ‘Roon Tested’. Post corrected! :grinning:

Linn streamers will never be Roon-Ready, because Linn refused to adopt RAAT. Roon were very accommodating to Linn, in approving a Linn Streaming protocol for use with Linn streamers.

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Hey @Martin_Kelly, was your name mentioned in the other Linn forum? What’s up? I think you were well-liked over there?

I don’t know anything about Linn other than I like how they sound and they have all my money :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just curious about timeline. Looking forward to when it works as I now have a good bit of DSD256 content.

Having worked in software, I understand prioritization. Given the number of these devices in peoples hands I can understand a low priority.

Not willing to clone my music library so I can run it using Kazoo, etc to play 256 so I’ll just have to be patient.



Linn Kazoo sounds great and very simple to use, But I am willing to sacrifice Linn Kazoo high sound quality in favor of Room seamless music management and user friendly playback.

It’s a pain to wait that long, IIRC Linn R&D facilitated & fixed DSM 256 playback for Roon a few months ago, maybe Roon just need to few lines of code or maybe some simple configurations to enable it?

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Yes, I was a member of the the Linn forum on ‘Hi-Fi Wigwam’. I was banned by one of the mods on there a few months ago.
It’s not a good forum because the mods are amateurs, and some border on fascist. There’s one especially that gets his ‘kicks’ from throwing his weight around. Many good people have left recently.
It’s a complete contrast to a well-run and professional forum like this.


@Michael_Faoro, @beka, and @danny: Do you see any changes related to the DSM/3 with DSD limited to DSD128 with the latest release 1.8 (build 880)?

I see none!!! Even after sanity check of rebooting everything, resetting audio device settings, etc.

Nope. Nada. Downloaded it as soon as I got the email.

Its has been two quarterly releases.

Roon: @beka, @danny. Can you help us understand what the wait is about? Waiting on the device art (go without :)? Still waiting on a device from Linn for testing? Is this a way more complicated bug fix than it looks (21 years in software development under my belt). Help me with my patience!

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I suspect it’s because the DSM/3 hasn’t been given ‘Roon Tested’ status yet.

Would that not be obvious, @Martin_Kelly? :slight_smile:
It has not been given the “Roon Tested” status because Roon has not tested it or done anything!!!

C’mon. You’ve been on here long enough to know that Roon never comment on the status of devices submitted for testing :wink:

You always have the workaround of using the Linn app to stream DSD256 to the KDS/3 until the streamer becomes approved.

I know, I am now using Linn Kazoo for some hires music, but I like Roon better for the general user experiences and the UI is clearly better than the native Linn app or Linn Kazoo.


Can the Linn app use the Roon core/Nucleus as its music source? If so, I wasn’t aware of that.

The Linn apps just need to be ‘pointed’ to storage devices on your network.

I thought they needed a Kazoo server or something like that for them to work. I didn’t know they were somewhat server agnostic.

Unfortunately, can’t try this out as not at home.