Linn Organik Upgrades Available

Thought I would share that the Organik upgrade arrived today for my Selekt. This was a delivery to my dealer on the west coast of the US.

My dealer did the install for me. Had a bit of an unexpected experience when I brought the unit home. Couldn’t get any sound to play regardless of source input, content type, etc. No upgrades available in Kazoo or Konfig.

I finally started poking around in the Linn “Manage Devices” website, and saw an Update Bitstream option which I’ve never noticed before. I did this and the device started working. There’s a pic below so you folks can see what I saw.

Haven’t had a chance to come to any conclusions yet about sound quality. I’m coming from a Katalyst DAC in this same unit, which drives a pair of Wilson Audio SabrinaX speakers. To my ears, the system sounded fantastic before the upgrade. It sounds at least as fantastic now. I’m not sure that I’ll ever conclusively and confidently say that it sounds substantially better.

In any case, this post is less about sound quality claims and more about availability and installation. Hope it’s useful to someone.

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THX - But there is no PIC :slight_smile:

Ooops. Added.

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