Linn Organik Upgrades Available

Linn launches Organik DAC upgrade for all generations of Klimax DS and DSM | What Hi-Fi?.


Fantastic news for owners of Klimax DS and DSMs, but bad news for their bank balances.

As you know Martin, I thought Organik was amazing when I tried it at home. Still trying to get a proposal past the Acquisitions Manager. Unfortunately, it’s her who’s got the landmark birthday coming up soon not me.

All the best, John

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I own a Klimax Organik DSM with ATC SCM40A active speakers and it’s everything reviewers are raving about.

I also have a 2016 Klimax hub with Klimax 350 active speakers on a different location. Just talked with my Linn dealer about upgrading this system to Organik. He explained that while upgrading the 350s with new DACs would be worth it, I’d only get the full benefit if I also replaced the hub with a new one that is designed to work with Organik (better pre-processing, lower jitter, …). I’m waiting to get an upgrade quote from him…

does this mean that the Organik Upgrade to the “old” DS and DSM doesn’t improve anything different from the DAC? No better clock, no higher frequency of upsampling, … ?

The 2016 Klimax hub + 350 active speakers is different from the DSM (I don’t know anything about DS): the hub preprocesses incoming streaming data and sends it digitally via ExactLink to the 350s, where all the D2A processing is done. So, there’s a division of labor on the digital side (some of it in the hub, the rest in the digital stages of the DACs), and optimal performance needs upgrades in both. I don’t know what the Organik upgrade to the DSM or DS changes. I do know that the 2021 Organik Klimax DSM has different upsampling and clocking from the earlier AKM-based DSMs because those differences are integral to the Organik DAC architecture.

thx - that’s exactly my question

Background: When I moved from my 2016 KDSM/1 and KEXB/1 to the NG KSH and KEXB/2 I didn’t sell my KDSM/1 due to poor s/h prices; looking back I think it was the right decision …

I tried the Next Generation Hub and Organik Exboxes in my system. They were both worthwhile upgrades. It isn’t essential to do both. I chose the Hub, but would have been happy with either.

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My order’s in for the Organik board for my DS/3 :grinning:

Looking forward to seeing how it improves on Katalyst.


I know it’s not essential to do both – nothing is essential at this price level :wink: – but HTH, I ordered both the new hub and the Organik upgrades to my active 350s.


as you did both - there is just one final step left: upgrade your 350s to Komris :wink:

or wait for the rumoured Komri replacements :slight_smile:

Too big/bulky-looking (according to the esthetic sense of a key decision maker :wink: ) for the current 350 location.

I understand, SWMBO takes the final decision, same like at my home :wink:

fortunately my SWMBO likes JAZZ (like me) and agreed to those big/bulky beasts … :smile:

I have recently upgraded my Linn system with the new Organic DSM Klimax unit. It is without doubt the most significant upgrade I have ever made. The sound quality, detail and separation is simply extraordinary! I cant stop listening to it! With Roon/Nucleus/Klimax as my control source and Active Akubarik speakers I don’t believe you will get a better sound with as much detail anywhere. I know its expensive, but honestly worth every penny!!


I’m confused by your description. The Akubarik actives have a built-in digital crossover and Katalyst DACs. Organik Klimax DSM (I own one) has the Organik DACs built in, and line-level analog outputs (I use mine to drive ATC SCM40A active speakers). This DSM does not have the ExactLink digital outputs that the Akubarik actives require.

Thanks for picking me up on this. Linn do a “system hub” version of the new Organic Klimax DSM that is designed to work specifically with the Linn Active speakers.(Akubarics). Hope that answers your question. Honestly the best upgrade ever - had the old Klimax version before. Just waiting now for the Organic upgrade to the speakers!

wird es dieses Upgrade auch für Akurate DSM geben

Just to confirm, the new Klimax System Hub does not contain a DAC, and does not therefore use/leverage Organik DAC technology. It is a re-engineered version of the previous Klimax Exakt Hub.

I am sure you are correct BUT still the upgrade is noticipale from my previous Klimax by around 25% !! It’s that good……

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I think Organik is probably a bit stratospheric in terms of price just now.

I’m using a Selekt hub feeding an Exaktbox-I which has Katalyst.

If Linn get to an Organik upgrade for the Exaktbox I might consider it though!