Linn Sondek LP12 playing 45s

Very off topic :grinning: but this is the only audio forum I’m on.
When i retire next year i aim to buy myself the cheapest reasonable LP12.
If it has a standard power supply not a Lingo etc. how do you get it to play 45s?

You can buy a 45rpm adapter, similar to this, available from various dealers:-


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Ah! Thanks. Obviously it has to be something mad and difficult.
Maybe i’ll buy something more sensible :sweat_smile:


I bought my LP12 in 1980. Used one of those adapters for some years before the Lingo came out. It’s a fiddle to do as you have to lift off the outer platter to fit it. Linn recommend using a different belt as it’ll stretch it more, but I think that’s unlikely - the belt’s already stretched when playing 33rpm records.


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Definitely one with switching then or a more sensible choice. Sentiment drove the LP12 idea.
It will take up the desk space that my work laptop currently occupies.

If you do have an interest in playing 45rpm pressings i’d say the Lingo (or similar) is mandatory.
So i’d recommend finding a suitable turntable. But, the Lingo and similar usually go for around €40-€50, at least here in Sweden, so if you find a real bargain it might be worth seeking a used kit out.

I may buy something else i think.

The 45rpm adapter @Michael_Curtis mentioned actually comes with the LP12 when you buy it, but I had mine for a year and could never get it to work - no matter how hard I tried the belt would just slip off after a few rotations. I was saving up for a Lingo when I made the decision to ditch vinyl and go digital.

They’re beautiful turntables and sound great, but the other thing that put me off them was their sensitivity to footfall. I would drop the needle and turn to sit down and before I’d made two steps the needle would jump. I’m not trying to put you off - they’re still very popular for a reason. Enjoy retirement!

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I had one for a year but it came with a lingo. I couldn’t figure out how it did 45 without.
You are absolutely correct about the footfall but this would be in my room so controllable :smiley:
I too sold mine to buy my first Naim streamer.

Then along came roon.

I would like to have a decent deck though and experience the album cover being the play screen.

Thank you for the warning about the changing cam. I think I may well just get a Rega deck as they are plentiful in the UK.

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I’m sure you’re aware but be sure to get one with the external speed controller then! (The Neo TT PSU) Otherwise you’re still in “change belt position”-territory! :slight_smile:
I like my latest Planar 3 with Neo PSU a lot!


I have LP12/Radikal/Keel/Ekos/Adikt which obviously includes 45rpm switching.

To my ears, it’s probably still the best sounding source in my system :grinning:

I have a car, probably the same price :grinning:


Yup! But can it play 45’s? :wink:

SD card, Bluetooth, Android Auto… :grinning:

You obviously haven’t heard an LP12 Ged @ged_hickman1.

Get your Rega and be happy :grinning:

The deck I owned before I bought my original LP12 in 1987 was a Rega Planar 3 with an RB300 arm and a Cambridge Audio C77. A great deck.

But the LP12 is something else. I’m proud to extol the virtues of the LP12. However stupid, and expensive it is :money_mouth_face:

Read further up the thread.

With respect Ged, the Lingo 1(?) is a world away from the Radikal.

My LP12 originally came with the Valhalla PS. I wanted 45rpm, so I took my deck into my local dealer to audition Lingo 4. That was my aim.

I left with Radikal. It’s that’s good… :grinning:

It may well be but way beyond my budget.

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Just buy a technics and be done with it.


All purchases have many factors influencing them.
Although the deck would be in my office, which you might think would be my domain, there would still be a casting vote for aesthetic suitability. :grinning:
An SL1200 would fail…

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