Linux builds based on .NET 6

Great to see windows builds being updated (Roon 2.0 Build 1216 and ARC Build 149 is Live!)

When will ROON server builds for QNAP, Synology etc follow?

For QNAP and Synology I suppose you’d have to ask @crieke? Though yeah for the main Linux server Roon should be able to say.

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You mean @brian should know the timeline ?

I mean, as you know Roon rarely speaks about future plans, but I suppose for the official Roon server for Linux it’s up to Roon what they will do and if they want to talk about it, while Chris Rieke is the maintainer of the Qnap and Synology versions.

Ya sure though it’s no big secret that the update on Linux builds will follow as has Windows already. It’s just interesting for a number of reasons like optimized compiler settings / features etc.

We launched .NET 6 builds for all Linux platforms over a year ago, including NAS, and brought .NET 6.0 to macOS in with Roon 2.0 last year. Windows is the last Roon Core platform to be migrated.