Linux desktop app

I use Ubuntu on my laptop so I want to run the roon app on it, not the server. Is this possible?

There’s no official Linux Remote, however some people are using Wine emulator to run it on Linux.


Thanks for the reply. I was really hoping Wine wasn’t the only option, oh well. Thank you for the answer.

I’m more than capable of running Wine but for the money I want the “It just works” solution. If there was a proper desktop linux app I would signing up now.

Have you tried the Roon Remote app for Android and iOS? May be good enough to help you decide if Roon offers you at least $10/month in value over what you’re using today.

I’m actually trying that out right now. Got core installed on my laptop and using an Amazon Fire tablet as the remote. My current setup is a bunch of Bluesound and NAD gear with a NAS box. BluOS is fine, does the job. Time for some upgrades and I fancied a bigger choice of equipment without loosing the multiroom streaming, interested to see how much better roon is aswell. I use the BluOS desktop app a lot to control the music.

Glad to hear that you’ve gotten a start. Sadly, BluOS is a competing ecosystem to Roon, and as far as I can tell, integration between the two is less than perfect. But you seem like someone with the technical chops to identify and work around any issues that you encounter.

So far, the best sounding endpoint solutions that I’ve tried are VitOS for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and the USBridge Signature Player from Allo. I’m currently switching between these two while evaluating a new DAC from iFi Audio.

Here’s a live stream that I did earlier this week on VitOS if you’re curious.