Linux + Roon + Mutec MC3+ USB problem


This might be tricky (hopefully it won’t be! hah).

I have custom music server:
16Gb Ram
m.2 30Gb System drive
SSD 1Tb music drive
Running Euphony (Linux) + Roon Server
Connceted via ethernet

  • Mutec MC3+ USB

It all sounds great when it works BUT
from time to time when playback changes (from one track to another) it just “loses the signal”. I have to restart Mutec to make it work again.
It looks like it struggles when changing a track from 16bit to 24bit… I’m not 100% sure.
I adjusted delay up to 7000ms in Roon - it didn’t help.

The fact is when I use Euphony’s Stylus (built in audio player app) it works fine.

Any help would be appreciated.


This may be the USB chip bug that is discussed in another thread here. If so, Mutec will need to update their firmware to correct it.

OK, thanks.

For now I’m testing Euphony’s native player… we will see if the same problem occur.

If it’s “USB chip bug” it should be a problem on Euphony’s player app as well… I think.

If the MC3+ uses an XMOS chip, then it’s almost assuredly bugged unless they’ve released a firmware update recently. And it CAN show differently based on the software used. The bug is triggered in a race condition, and Roon is very quick when switching modes between tracks. If other players introduce delay, then they might not exhibit it.

Have a look at the master thread for more details: DAC issues with XMOS usb chipset and Roon on Linux

thanks @cwichura! I will contact Mutec…

Yep sounds like the XMOS bug as it effects the bit depth change in this manor. I could not repeat it using MPD but Roon it would happen most of the time but only via Linux it never happens in Windows or Mac.

yup, MPD works fine… damn it.