List of "Roon Core-Ready" Devices

Seems in the past Roon produced a list of Roon CORE compatible audio devices (not “Roon Ready” - I can easily find that list of brands on Roon’s website - but “Roon CORE Ready”). Can’t find that list anywhere now. Does it exist? Thanks!

Not sure if that was ever an official thing, at least not for very long.

Any device that fulfills these specs can run Core.

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Super-helpful. Thanks! I’m really not interested buying a traditional computer or server for this purpose. Looking for a piece of audio wizardry that will serve as my server/streamer. Gotta believe there’s a list of such devices…somewhere.

The official list from Roon Labs is about partners participating in partner programs (Roon Ready / Roon Tested). There is currently no partner program for Roon Servers AFAIK. Read also:

Roon Core is a program, so whatever Core can run on needs a CPU.

That would be a computer, of some sort.

Good luck.

Sounds like an Antipodes Edge or Core or EX or CX would fit the bill.
Combines streamer, Roon Core server and renderer all in one sleek box.
Ethernet in.
USB out.


Ok, as far as I can find Antipodes machines use either a Celeron or Atom CPU. Neither of which have enough horsepower to run all the functions that Roon Core is capable of.

This the main reason why Innous, in spite of its marketing material, is not accepted by Roon to run Core.

If one wants a Core with fewer capabilities, I.e. no DSP, limited number of endpoints, etc., then perhaps a Celeron or Atom processor is enough. Depends on the use case.

And as the op has not stated just what his Roon needs are then it’s not out of the realms of possibility that one of these might work.

I have the simplest cheapest option in the Edge which runs dsd256 quite happily to one endpoint.

The Ex and Cx easily run dsd512.

Lots of endpoints and grouping might affect them, don’t know as don’t do or need that myself

Oh BTW…Roon quite happily allow the Antipodes units to run Core…

Super helpful BlackJack. So I guess I WASN’T imagining that there was a Roon Core partner program at one point. Guess I should check-out Merging Technologies!

TheHammer, I guess you’re psychic… I’ve been using an Antipodes DS feeding a Mytek DAC (and then a Mytek DAC+) for the past several years - running Roon, of course. Sounds great. But the DS is due for replacement. The Antipodes support folks have been FANTASTIC over the time I’ve had the DS and they’re offering me an upgrade path to a current product. But, to be totally candid, it is just a lot of scratch. Trying to weigh my options before making a decision. As for my “use case”… I have a fairly small library - less than a TB. Most of my play is streaming Tidal and Qobuz over Roon. I do have a lot of Roon end points throughout the house - mostly Google Home Max and Chromecasts. My main listening room is a Parasound JC front-end feeding either Ohm Walsh or Gallo Reference 3.5s. My current set-up has run all of that without breaking a sweat until recently (hence the need to replace the DS). I don’t use any of the DSP features but I wouldn’t rule that out in the future. Thanks for your feedback thus far and I’d welcome additional thoughts.

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As you are well aware Antipodes support is excellent, worth the admission price right there.
They remotely updated my Edge when Roon went from Mono to .Net and sorted it all out.
They could have quite easily left it as an expensive doorstop with a “sorry it’s Roon not us”
But they stepped up.

I have maybe 7 endpoints but I never play to more than one at a time.
4 Google Chromecast units included.
Mine has an internal 2tb SSD which makes the local library a snap.

Not sure what else to say about it.
It’s just there, works and sounds spectacular IMHO.

Considering S30/S40/S60 or K30. The K30 brings a lot more storage capacity to the table. But I frankly don’t need it. Beyond that, it seems like a coin flip.

I think the s30 would be more than adequate.
That is what I was/ am considering.

But it’s a hard decision when the Edge is doing everything I need right now.
The s30 is $3000 shipped I think?

Sonore I think have or is it Small Green Computer … the 2 seem to cross sell / develop

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From my impression (definitely not exhaustive), most of the audiophile brands that were authorized to run Roon Core have been mentioned above, except Roon Nucleus+ (must not miss this), and the one that starts at EUR24k.