List view when browsing artists

I agree as well. I’ve listened to way too many of my “A” artists and albums because browsing is such a chore! Not sure what the best solution is, but I hope the Roon team bring this to the chalkboard.

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I see. I was responding to this statement

but there are several different use cases discussed here.

I don’t quite see the value of a complete artist browse — I have 3,000 artists, would be a drag in any format.

I do browse in one sense, but always after a meaningful sorting or filtering. For example, my “home” view is albums sorted by “added date” and I often filter by favorites to exclude speculative adds.

But other forms of filtering would be good. E.g. we have discussed the network of artists that a given artist plays with. Some labels are meaningful (e.g. ACT and ECM).

I can’t see a linear browse. But chacun son goût.

Yes, I accept that you would not use this feature. But I would, and, unless I’m missing something, it seems pretty basic in any case.

Off-topic, my French is terrible, but I believe it’s “chacun à son gout,” oui?

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I’m demoing Roon for the first time. I can’t find an option to view a vertical list of alphabetical artists or album. The last request I see for that feature was in 2016. Where can I find the option?

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Hi there is no such option in Roon [tracks view excepted], being honest I don’t think there ever will be.
I’ve moved your post into an existing feature request … see above for details.

Thanks Carl. I wrongly deduced the feature had been added. I’m new to Roon and really appreciate the visual layout, album images, browsing options, etc. I’m just shocked that such a simple feature has not been added. It can only enhance the program and won’t take distract from its splendid functionality. I’ve been on many db dev teams over the past 25 years and know this functionality is not at all difficult to add. A vertical list is much faster to scan than reading left to right with text surrounded by images and is useful in certain cases. I guess I can use other programs when managing and grooming thousands of albums.

And just yesterday - after five years of nagging from my wife - I started boxing up all my CDs. I couldn’t help but stop now and then to review the art and info on these familiar CDs. I was missing them already…even though I don’t really use them at all since going digital. That’s when the idea of Roon became much appreciated. Info at my fingertips while listening…fantastic.


I would also love to have an list viewing for artist, if an large Database its chaotic the “normal” Roon view.

A view options would be nice, no idea why roon offers only one view

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I want this too. I would prefer “Art on demansd” I have so much stuff that it would be easier and quicker to get all the way through without all the blocks of pics and spaces for pics. simply lists and maybe a button for “show art/information”


For machines capable of it a list option would be fantastic. Scrolling sideways 6 artists at a time feels like handcuffs and I end rarely end up scrolling too far, always playing the first 10 pages or so.

The discovery feature doesn’t work well enough to compensate for this - it’s way too heavy on newly added items to be of much use. I wish we could tune this as well!


I love so many parts of Roon and it has been a godsend for both file management and amazing playback.

But please, please, please build a vertically scrolling list view of artists. Scrolling through a large list of artists in your horizontal view where I can only view a handful of artist per page is not a solution for people with large artist lists.

Honestly, although I can’t really stand iTunes, you need to look at their scrolling artist list and take a page from their book. This isn’t that difficult and would be a huge help to me and thousands of others who use your software (and I have seen many other people here request this feature).

So please, please, please build a vertically scrolling list for artists. Soon.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Today I installed roon. I’m very surprised that it has no list view!

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I would love a list view feature.


Would be really usefull to have LIst View for Albums/Artists/Composers

It is already available for tracks.

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I don’t know if I have already +1’ed this, but emphatic +1.

I strongly agree with this. Sometimes less is more.
I have well over 1000 artists and scrolling through them is painful.
And have an option to display lastname, firstname. finding the start of the last name takes effort and you cannot easily see the alphabetization.

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I do not get that window in my room with core in Nuc and using Mac.

exactly, itis a burden to find an artist. as well the alphabtical order is a mess, it is not ordered in the alphabetic order, or at leats there is no a criteria about given name or family name for ordering it.

Roon sorts as specified. The problem is the metadata. Not all artists are provided with a correct sort name field. I periodically go through my artist list to make sure that field is populated properly, as Last Name, First Name. Roon’s metadata is not plug and play. It often requires editing and correction to display properly.

How is this not a thing?