List view when browsing artists

I would like a list view without art when browsing by artists. This would make swiping through the library much quicker.


Yes here too!
Its not helpful if you have 400 artist or 2000 records to scroll page by page.
A simple option with list view would be fine.

Thanx in forward

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How about 26 alpha icons that jump quickly to R for example , less taps is better

Same for albums & composers …

Mike, it’s already there (at least on my Windows tablets and laptops). At the bottom of the browsers is an “ABC” link. Click/touch that and you get the alpha icons… Works for Artists, Albums and Composers…

I know but it’s not that easy to work

In a previous “life” I had my Artists, composers and albums sorted and show by an A B C set of icons

One quick tap filters

Roon is 2 taps and quite fiddle for people with big fingers. I use an iPad mini as a remote

I would like to see much of the navigation as.a series of taps, each filtering the list smaller until you get to a small list to pick from

Eg. alpha Composer > Composer> Genre> Albums

So four taps gets you to Beethoven piano albums

It’s one of Roon’s outstanding downfalls compared with a more customizable competitor. The prime reason I maintain my old JRiver library.


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I simply meant this

You see the artist list view of Auralics Lightning App.
Just a list which you can scroll fast and easy and if you scroll on the right side a letter list appears with which you can direct point a letter of the alphabetical order.


Would also like to see this. Kinda ridiculous that something simple like this isn’t there.

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Agreed completely.
Just an option for a list view,or even better an explorer like list.

I just installed Roon for the trial. I must admit, I already miss the fantastic ‘List’ view of Jriver that I have customized to my liking. All the info. on that file I need right there.

So, has there been a ‘list view’ implemented since this posting started, or is there going to be a simple ‘File’, ‘File name’, ‘Directory’, view put into Roon? So far, I’m not finding Roon half as quick, simple and easy to use as Jriver. I don’t have a need for multi room this that an the other that Roon offers. I have 1 audio system that I love…well, enough, Roon has already taken too much of my time. See ya Roon

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I must jump in and request that feature. It should be very easy to implement, since the list view is already there when browsing Tidal playlists in Roon. It would give users a choice and in no way would it take out a feature for users who don’t want it.

I have no idea why a list view is not possible. Please upvote this feature, everyone!

I completely agree, list view for artists would be great! Especially when using phone. Should have been made a long time ago.


I’m happy to learn about artists and connections, but sometimes (most of the time, actually) I just want to find a particular artist or album and the Search function retrieves a whole lot of info I don’t need or want at that time. It’s not just unnecessary — it’s actually a hindrance to using the software.

Features are great, but most users don’t want every feature. This is the bane of all good software: How do you offer users an interface that meets diverse needs? The strength of Roon is the vast store of information available. But if that information gets in the way of performing basic tasks, the software becomes a burden rather than an asset. Of course not everybody will like your software, but if you don’t offer a variety of approaches, you’re always turning away part of the potential audience that could be won (or kept) with more flexibility.

Then again, I’m new here. I’ll keep playing around to see if I can get it to be usable for me. If I can’t get a simple list view, I’ll probably just go back to BlueSound — imperfect, yes, but it doesn’t presume to tell me what I should want from a simple search.


I find the bast way to achieve that is to use the filter function with the funnel icon in the upper right.
If you are in the album browser, or the artist browser, the funnel filter reacts instantly by keystroke. I type “colt” and get all John Coltrane’s albums, plus Marilyn Crispell’s album “For Coltrane”. Instantly.

Thanks for the reply. I know I can search or filter. But sometimes I want to browse by artist and scrolling through 500 screens of pictures is just inefficient. (Never mind the artists for whom there aren’t pictures — that wrinkles my knickers every time.) It feels like Roon is resisting this — it can’t be hard to implement — because, I’m realizing, Roon is really an encyclopedia with a music playback tool built in, rather than a music playback tool with access to an encyclopedia. The trick for me would be to find a way it can be both. I don’t know if that’s possible, but for me (and I’m only speaking for myself, of course), I really like the idea of having an encyclopedia, but I’d use a music playback tool more often, and if the encyclopedia makes that difficult, I probably won’t continue it.

This is the best analogy for why I never buy Roon after doing a trial of a new release (e.g 1.5, 1,6). Even though I want things like super easy multi-room, ios endpoint support, etc… I always go back to just using my Auralic Aries Lightning DS app. It’s a straightforward player built to look like the platform it runs on (Apple ios). It has an artist browser that is basically the ios Contacts app interface (vertical list with A-Z partition bars and simple jump to (A-Z bar) and quick list filtering. I’m not a Roon hater, and I know multi-platform software is hard, but when it comes to the basic purpose of finding and playing a album (or queuing multiple albums), Roon doesn’t seem to see the forest through the trees. It’s like they should have a separate player only app (on the mobile endpoints… phone, tablet) and you do all the admin function (adjust settings, etc…) via the browser interface to your Roon server. But I do know from monitoring this forum, most users like the encyclopedia interface. It’s just too bloated for me. Simple things like small album cover list view with vertical (not swipe left/right horizontal) scrolling and quick filter find are missing. For me, this out-weights all the other great function Roon provides.

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Most of the time I love the Encyclopedia that Roon is. But sometimes I sit down not knowing what I want to listen to. I like to scroll through the artist view until something catches my attention. With 4500 artists this takes a lot of time with all of the art. After I make a selection I might continue with the similar artist selections that Roon provides.

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“when it comes to the basic purpose of finding and playing a album (or queuing multiple albums), Roon doesn’t seem to see the forest through the trees.”

Actually, with respect, I think it’s the opposite: Roon can’t see the trees for the forest. The “encyclopedia” is so huge that it’s a pain to find specific artists, and the scrolling is unpredictable. I’m open to the idea that there’s some reasoning I’m not understanding, but from what I know now, the refusal to provide a list view is, frankly, ridiculous.

I don’t understand your problem.
My standard example: I want to listen to Milt Jackson (known as “Bags”) and John Coltrane (known as “Trane”), for example the album Bags and Trane. Maybe I don’t remember Bags’s real name, or Trane’s.

In the album browser, I use the “funnel” icon to filter, and type “bags” or “trane” or “colt” or “milt”. Of course, with “milt” I also see the Hamilton soundtrack, but Milt Jackson is there. “John” is not very specific, but John Coltrane is there.

The only thing it can’t help me with is “that red-haired black dude” (Craig Taborn).

Anders: Your suggestion works beautifully when one is searching for a specific artist. I am talking about browsing, not searching. In many instances I’m not sure what I want to listen to, so I’d like to scroll through and choose something on a whim. There is no reason I should have to plow through scores of pages (on a desktop) or hundreds of pages (on an iPhone) to be able to do that. Auralic does it, Bluesound does it, Sonos does it. I have a hard time believing it’s difficult to implement. I mean no disrespect, but I think you’re offering a solution that doesn’t address the (very basic) feature I’m asking for.


I totally agree. List view is basic functionality in music software these days. Should have been implemented a long time ago in my opinion. Same goes for better handling of box sets, at least the possibility to have separate covers for each album in a set. It boggles my mind that for instance stuff like the colour of a part of the Now Playing screen gets higher priority than these things.

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