Where is the artist list view in Roon 1.8?

Many of us have been asking for years (at least 35 of us in the last 3 years according to this post: List view when browsing artists ) for an artist view so we can browse our catalogues in an easier, more scannable way than the graphical presentation (which yes looks great but is not efficient for browsing a few thousand artists).

So I was hoping this popular request would be included in 1.8 … but I’m not seeing it. Am I missing it somewhere? Please tell me I’m missing it, because this was really the only thing I wanted. UI upgrades are about making things easier, more convenient and more interesting, and in many ways you did a good job in the new UI. But to not have a list view in your new upgrade?? Please tell me I overlooked it. Thanks for you help.

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I’m sure you’ve already played with this, but just in case, search for an Artist in Tracks View, all my Artist of Choice’s tracks in track view, and of course the are Plays, Last Played, Date Added etc columns to slice and dice by:

Also, I’m a JRiver fan, it’s only local so none of the Streaming Services integration, but for local library only people, and the option of spreadsheet type viewing, also the small gray play symbols are hot links to jump to Albums, Artists,Genres, etc and the Search in the top right is extremely powerful, you can even select meta data items, AND OR etc:

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Thanks for the pointers, geoB. I’ve played with this a bunch, but to be honest I don’t want to scroll through all tracks when I just simply want a consolidated artist view that I can scroll through to view artists. And I do think JRiver takes a more traditional approach to UI (which I don’t mind). Thanks for your ideas … much appreciated

I like roon overall, but what really is missing is an alphabetically list view of artist. I have a huge collection and often just want to browse to find some which I have not played for a long time or just I want to be reminded on them again. With the search this is not possible and it is a shame that roon is not offering something like that. Since they are so unresposive to that wish I regret having bought the lifelong version.