Listen to an album and only that album

I am new to Roon. At home I typically pick am album and listen through it and expect it to stop playing at the end. With Roon it seem to always add songs on to the list and play them. I do not want this! Is there any to prevent this from happening. I am not selecting Radio,just Play

Do you have Radio turned off? You should see an option to do so when you look at your queue.

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Smitten…Editorial over and out…

No more editorializing, but I wanted to further the “smitten” remark. We’re in the process of building a new house. Not only will ROON be used in my 2-channel room;l ROON will be the focal point of a whole house music system.

In fact, I just finished a fairly SOTA HTPC build, knowing ROON would be the center of it all. Unlike some DLNA software I’ve used, ROON as a streamer, just works!! For my new house purposes, ROON’s fabulous database driven menu is simply icing on the cake!

ROON so readily works as a streamer that when my son recently purchased an Oppo 205 player, unbeknownst to me, while he had his system on upstairs it simply started playing upstairs (via the ROON ready Oppo) while I was connecting to my 2-channel room downstairs – a no muss or fuss streamer, you gotta’ love it!!

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thanks for the solution, it works fine now