Listen to Roon in a car?

I have a nice new car with the latest of MERIDIAN audio equipment. And I am testing Roon with TIDAL on my Mac. How would it be possible, to use Roon in my car? No chance?



You need to either:

  • Take a mobile Core on a laptop into the car;

  • Run a separate Core with local storage in the car; or

  • Have a VPN or tunnel from a computer in your car back to your Roon Core server. This needs good wireless Internet bandwidth.

It’s not impossible, but no one does it at the moment because there are easier solutions. One day …

I’ll do my best. Meanwhile It would help if it was possible to export the Roon playlists to TIDAL.

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Roon works great for a passenger but the user interface is entirely inappropriate for a driver to use except for loading a playlist or album before starting to drive. This is truly a wonderful mobile experience that makes long car trips a joy, and is actually fairly simple to do. The way I do this is before we leave the house I put my music on my laptop, unauthorize my Nucleus Roon core, and test that I can play music using my laptop Roon core. Once in the car I turn on my phone hotspot, and the laptop and my streamer which usually connect to the hotspot before I can decide what to start listening to first. The streamer I use is a Chord Hugo 2 DAC/Headphone amp with an attached Chord 2go streamer. The Chord Hugo 2 has line outputs that can be connected to the car stereo and headphone outputs if I don’t want to disturb my driver. To keep my mobile data usage in check I only play the music that’s on my laptop Roon core and I never ever stream music from the web. I always turn off my phone’s mobile data after I get an album or playlist started playing, and while the music is playing I only turn the mobile data back on long enough to select new music. I first tried leaving the mobile data on for an hour long car trip and found it used 1.4Gb of data despite me only playing music on the core. I hope this helps. Cheers!

I simply use lifetime Audirvana (US$96) with Tidal and Qobuz and lots of Verizon cellular hotspot data.