Little Question About Squeezelite

I just wanted to know what the maximum samplerate is when you use Squeezelite in Roon.
For some reason it doesn’t play PCM samples higher than 24bit/192kHz.

Is this because of a limitation because of Roon Server which doesn’t allow PCM sample rates higher than 192kHz to Squeezelite players?

With RoonReady i can play PCM up to 384kHz, so no problems there.

You will only get a max of 192/24 via Squeezelite. Roon only officially supports Squeezebox hardware which Squeezelite emulates. This hardware could not officially go any higher than 192/24. It’s only with Logitechs abandonment of the platform and the development of Squeezelite in the community that it now supports higher rates. Roon will only allow what the original hardware was capable of, this is unlikely to change as their is a lot of hardware still out there.


Thank you for your answer, this is what i thought.
But stuff i read on the internet really makes me doubt it sometimes.
For instance, look on this Wikipedia link : Squeezelite - Wikipedia

This says otherwise, i get that Wikipedia pages are mostly written by the public, but on the other hand, so is your reply. So do you have any link or page which confirms that Squeezelite only allows PCM formats up to 192kHz?

I didn’t say squeezelite is limited to 192/24 I said Roons limited to 192/24 with it as that’s the limit of Squeezebox hardware and that’s what it supports not Squeezelite although it will work but only to the limits of the Squeezebox hardware that was unmodified. After it was community run they managed to enable usb audio on some devices such as the Touch and be installing a plugin get higher out of usb. But all SB hardware only officially supported 192/24 as they only had coax or optical out and their internal dac only supported that to.

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