Live radio access issue

I was personally involved and added by myself radio stations.
Now these stations are not playable through Roon.
I Iive in Serbia and this happened earlier as well when I had to add by myself the streams.
Now this stayed adding the stations from Live Radio selection.
I’ve got and answer earlier that through VPN, tried by Roon it is working, this is an issue that I use it from Serbia.
The same streams are working through web browser or radio apps from the same computer. So I just simply stop to complain.

Now I was installing Roon in our office in Budapest (Hungary EU) and all 1FM and Swiss Radio (Classic and Jazz primarily) were also inaccessible.
As we are giving support to all our users in Hungary, would be nice to find out, what could be the reason. It can have a same root as my problem, or maybe not.
I hardly use internet radio, so I step over my problem, but in Hungary several our customer are using it, so would be nice to solve the problem.
At my test in Budapest even MR3 Bartok radio wasn’t working, which is a local radio station.
Just to note: e.g. HappyDays New Age station is working on both places.
Both Cores are upgraded to 1.7.
Just to note, before 1.7 upgrade the Budapest running core played these stations, just stop to do so after 1.7.
Thanks a lot for advice or solution.

Hi @Ferenc_Szucs,

When you say these stations aren’t working, are you receiving errors when you try to play them? If so, what errors?

Are other stations working okay for you from this location?

Hi Dylan,

I tested again, mostly the EU stations are not accessiblei1ve tried now more than 20. German, France, UK.
eg.:Swiss Classic, Swiss Jazz, All 1 FM stations , MR3 Bartok some French and additional German stations.
BBC3 was working and Klasszik Radio from Budapest was working. US and asian streams worked (Happydays, Delicious Agony eg.)
The same stations are working from the same computer, so this not a real geographical ban issue, just happens through Roon.
Unfortunately, this is more or less the case on the other core, running in our HO in Budapest, Hungary.
We have tried 2 days ago several stations with the same result.
The error message is the that the stream is not available, was changed or temporarily unavailable.
In Budapest this issue came out only after the 1,7 upgrade, before there it was working.
Plus I’ve tried to change the stream, where other ones were offered, non of them were accessible.

Thanks, @Ferenc_Szucs.

Okay, let’s start out focusing on one specific station — Once we understand why one isn’t working it should make things more clear. Let’s use Radio Swiss Classic FR as an example.

I just tried and this station works okay on my end, so we know that the stream seems to be okay. Let’s now try the following:

  1. If you play this station do you receive an error? If so, what time (in your local timezone) do you receive the error?
  2. If you play this stream URL outside of Roon does it work? Can you add it to iTunes?
  3. If you use a different machine as your Core temporarily does the same behavior occur?
  1. Yes error: Can not play the station, address changed or temporary not available. valid for all available streams
  2. Yes all streams are working from the same computer under safari or APP
  3. Yes if I use different Core on different computer issue is the same.

(Problem looks very similar in Budapest which is part of EU, so even more strange)

One more problem appeared, I logged in to my other Core, used the same Tidal account as the previous Core and only fragment of the Tidal albums were loaded here, nothing to do with the radio issue, but I thought all my Tidal albums will loaded to this Core as well.

Hi @Ferenc_Szucs,

I think the next step here is to enable some diagnostics on your account so our technical staff can get some more insight into what’s going on here.

However, before I enable this feature, I’d like to ask for your help ensuring we gather the right information.

First, can you please reproduce the issue once more with Radio Swiss Classic FR and note the time at which the error occurs. Then respond here with that time, and I’ll make sure we review the diagnostics related to that timestamp.

All of your TIDAL favorites should sync over to this Core as well. Can you start a new Support thread for this and include an example of an album that is a favorite in TIDAL but isn’t showing up in Roon?


Dear Dylan,

Next week I’ll be in the office in Budapest and will check what is happening there. I’ve installed other customer’s Roon and there was no problem in playback.
Afterwards will go to my problem and will come back to you and run the test.

ELSE: the Tidal is slowly getting sorted out. In small steps the albums are transferring. I miss now 1000 albums from 7 thousand something. I hope it will get to full update.

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