Live Radio just ... stops


So, why does, from what i can tell on;y after the v17 update, live radio simply stop for no apparent reason? Note, when it does stop, sometimes re-starting it is difficult and can require that i stop it, wait and re-start it. How does one stop a program that is not playing? Well, that;s the irrational inconsistency between what Roon tells me and what it does.



There could be a number of reasons, pretty much all of which require some knowledge of your setup in order to diagnose. If you follow the script and list your setup the guys in support will be able to do something for you.

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OK, we’ll do this the hard way.

ROCK, latest. Intel NUC NUC8i5BEH. Gig-E network, all wired except for remotes. Local DAC via USB. Remote room with Macbook Pro acting as a network --> USB bridge (Roon endpoint) driving another DAC. Several remotes, two iphones two NOOKs.

Again, this is a new phenomena, mostly after v17.

Would you like to speculate on what some of those “number of reasons” are?


Hi @Just_Me,

  • Does this happen for all endpoints (i.e. if you play to System Output instead of the USB DAC)?
  • How often do you see this stop occurring?
  • Is this happening for one specific station or does this occur for all stations?
  1. Yes, but since my endpoitns are grouped, that’s to be expected
  2. regularly - every session if i wait long enough. That said typically it will stop soon, and once restarted go at least an hour if not more
  3. all stations


Hi @Just_Me,

If you play to only System Output, not grouped, does it still occur?

How do i do that without messing up my grouping? I’ll try it.

Though this was happening before i had two endpoints.

Hi @Just_Me,

You’ll have to ungroup the Zones using the grouping option. You can then re-group them after testing.

Yuk. You need this done? High likelihood of helping? Unless its likely to help, I’m too busy to mess around - its not a “fails every time” problem so i could have to go without synched music for a couple days to get meaningful information and I’m loathe to do so. While the current situation is annoying - it mostly works. I was really passing on a bug report - clearly “you cant group zones” is not an acceptable answer anyway.

If you have high hopes, come back, let me know, and tell me what precisely you want me to do. Apparently you have some reason to believe groped zones is problematic. tell me more… TIA Grant

Hi @Just_Me,

I understand that it’s not an ideal test at the moment, but when you do have time it would definitely be good to know. We aren’t seeing widespread reports of this and we aren’t seeing this on our end, so it is likely that something specific to your setup is contributing to this behavior. When you do have time please let us know if you’re able to run this test. In the meantime we will keep an eye out for similar behavior on our end.


OK, when i have time to mess with it. Right now i have many more pressing issues and prefer to have music. And news.

I see this too, but only with a few specific stations. WFMT Chicago seems to crap out frequently. It happens at both houses, different but all wired and stable network configurations.

Shouldn’t Roon try to reconnect and restart immediately unless “stop” has been pushed by the user?

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I get it on several stations - certainly more than one of the public radio stations in NY area (WNYC, NJPR) and radio paradise. Oddly, when i first connect, it may stall in a few minutes. If i restart it it then goes ~an hour, more, or less. Seems to be a remote issue - the remote often will show that it is playing. Sometimes the remote shows different statuses – one for the station (“begin playing”) and different for the control at the bottom of the screen (which may very well show it playing despite an absence of music…). Hard to find logic with what appears to be buggy software.

And I’m not alone, others that i speak to get the same. So its unlikely to be “me or my configuration”.

I am having this problem frequently over the past few weeks at multiple radio stations and from multiple listening locations (both in downtown Chicago and in a rural area). I don’t think this is an ISP issue.

Do others just have live radio stop frequently? Like many times per hour? For reference I listent a lot to WFMT, Audiophile Classical from Athens, Greece, and True Vinyl Alternative from Chicago.

All 3 of these have a hard time starting, then stop, then stop again, and after many many stops seem to work for a while, then stop again.

Unless I have pressed stop, can’t Roon just keep trying to re-engage?

Update: live radio is just unusable today. It won’t play for more than a minute without stopping.

FWIW I’ve just listened to WFMT for a quarter of an hour without problems. RP before that. I’m in the UK.

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Thank you Brian. It’s not fair I’m only 3 miles away! Anyway, OK, indicates I should reboot and be sure everything is up to date before I consider it a Roon issue. It may be mine. Thanks again for troubleshooting!

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