Live radio not working on Synology

Roon version 2 (build 1148)
Synology DS 1821+
DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 2

Orbi Mest network. RBR50 Latest firmware. V2.7.3.22

Brinkmann Nyquist II via Ethernet. Latest firmware.

10,000 tracks

Description of Issue
Live radio starts, but plays for maximum 60 seconds. It only happens on my Brinkmann Nyquist II, using an ethernet cable. All my other wifi devices can play live radio. Before, I had an Auralic Vega G2,1 and could play live radio through an ethernet cable.

I have made a new installation on my Synology and have used a USB SSD drive for the Roon core. It does still not work.

It works if I use the Roon server on my MacBook Pro, so it has someting to do with Roon on my Synology server.

Please, can you help.

Thank you in advance.