Live radio not working with ROCK

Hello. Since I started using my NUC ROCK I am not able to use live Radio.
I need support.

Hi Miguel,

Not official support. And, you did not post in the support section; so, I will move your post for you.

Did you setup the MP3 codec when you setup ROCK? If you did not then MP3 stations will not play.

Also, can you give a couple of example stations which are not working?


Hi Daniel

Thank you very much for your quick reply and moving my topic.
It’s my first time with a problem and I didn’t know.
I followed the instructions to set up the rock.
I really don’t remember touching anything like an mp3 codec.
What should I do now?
Radio like WFMU doesn’t play!

Thanks a lot for your support!

In the instructions for setting up a NUC with ROCK, one step is to get a file called ffmpeg.

Here is a link to the help page detailing getting and loading the code. Keep in mind, that the file you download might need to be decompressed twice.

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I got the file ffmpeg exec but I don’t understand if I have to run the file on my Mac or move it to rock.
I only decompress it once.
Thank you!

Dear Daniel

I did it as per instructions!
All working now!
Amazing support from you!

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