Live radio - regularly interrupted

Hi All,

I had a ZOOM meeting with Ralph on Tuesday. That was awesome and just overwhelming. He spend about an hour with me with the aim to find out what might be wrong. Unfortunately we couldn’t solve the issue. Ralph, a big thank you for your efforts and this wonderful conversation. Really very much appreciated.

If have to admit, it’s frustrating. I’m just listening to my Live Radio and it is still interrupting every now and again. It is frustrating because I spend about 2.500 EUR for a software and the required hardware only. With the expectation to get something special that I have expected is also performing well. But it isn’t!

I don’t know how to proceed. Could anybody from ROON speak with me and potentially log on to my computer in order to have a look at my settings. I still presume that it might need to fix some minor details only and then I’m back to normal.