Live radio - regularly interrupted

I have often the problem that Live Radio stations are interrupted ever now and again.

A friend of mine listend to the radio stations at the same time via streaming but w/o ROON. There were no disruptions at all.

The problem occurs at all stations, thus it is not a problem of a particular station only. Example: HR2 (German radio station). Internet access via LAN is perfect at that time. When I switch to Qobuz I could listen to 96/24 files w/o any disruptions. Hence even when way more data are used it is working properly while MP3 (used for Live Radio) show these issues.

Core: Prime Mini
ROON Version 1.8
Streamer: Meitner MA3
Connected via LAN

For ROON support: Happy to send you LOG files or even have you on my system.

Hello @Juergen_Freund1 , I’m sorry to hear of your problem. As the issue seems to affect all stations, and is not seen by other users, I suspect the problem lies in your setup.

This would be better handled by roon support, who can view your logs, rather than the radio curators.

I’ll ask for your post to be moved to the #support category.

Thanks @brian, I agree and have moved it.

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I have similar issues. Live radio frequently interrupted, while streaming from Qobuz is OK.

I’ve experienced this also. I suspect it may be associated with how Roon fetches and buffers data. It seems to be working reasonably well for streaming services, but Live Radio still has issues. Oddly it seems to be more of a problem with lower bit rate stations than FLAC quality.

Thanks very much Andy. You are absolutely correct, oddly it is with the low bit rates. As others may have the same issue who could provide us some help to fix the problem?

Roon Support will respond after the weekend and may ask us for data and timestamps to uinvestigate what is happening.

In my case I’m noticing that interruptions occur more frequently when browsing the Internet on my iPad.

Excellent, thanks very much Andy!

This user had a similar issue and identified grouping as the cause:

Does that happen here?

Brian, Thanks for your post! I’m happy to find out if this might be the issue. However, how can I do that. Excuse my limited knowledge here.

In my case, no grouping of endpoints is involved.

This explains grouping if you are unclear. Try ungrouping some end points and seeing if it helps.

Brian, I really appreciate your support, thank you! I just studied the ROON zone concept. I have no endpoints put together to one zone. I only have one output device which is my Meitner MA3. I’m only playing my music in one room. Thus this cannot be the root cause for my problem and the problem of the others who join my issue here, such as Paul who also has no grouping of endpoints.

Oh well, it was worth trying, just in case.

I’m the OP from this other thread, and had given up on Live Radio Grouping. But I tried it again today and it worked.

Hi Ralph, Thanks for getting involved. Frankly speaking, not sure if I got your massage right? Is there a difference of “live radio grouping” vs the “endpoint grouping” that was discussed before?

Ralph, The problem is still existing and leaves Live Radio for me not utilizable. Is there anything I can do, anything we could do together that resolves the issue?

I started with Roon around early 2019, and cannot remember when I first realized there was a problem, but for the longest time I assumed it was a problem with the feed from my favorite radio station. Later I ungrouped the two Squeezebox endpoints and the problem went away. However, this week I tried it again without problems.

We could do a Zoom call for you to review my settings if you wish. Regards, Ralph

Thanks a lot Ralph! I really appreciate to do a ZOOM call with you. Assuming you are in a US time zone would Tuesday sometimes between 6.00 and 11.00 pm CET suit you? Would you send an invitation? Best regards Juergen

Juergen -

I messaged you a Zoom invite for 19:30 CET on 3/14.

I am testing grouped live radio now and it works but can get out of sync, and when stopped and restarted radio play it was in sync again (so might not work for you!). The old symptom was it would stop radio entirely and frequently. I previously decided that grouping wasn’t a top priority for my use.

I am grouping a Squeezebox Touch and Squeezebox Booms. I dunno why and don’t want it but my MSB Analog DAC is not available for grouping with the Squeezeboxes.

Cheers, Ralph