Live Radio Streaming interruption due to endpoint Grouping

I have experienced interrupted Roon live radio streaming for some time now, whereas Tidal FLAC streaming works fine. Experimentation reveals that live radio streaming is reliable when endpoints stream independently, and is frequently interrupted when endpoints are grouped together. Tidal FLAC and NAS FLAC playback works without interruption when endpoints are grouped together.

I can live with this as a “feature”, but would be great to solve it. I would like to group Endpoint2 and Endpoint3. Endpoint3 is about 10 feet away from the router for wifi connection.

Endpoint1: MSB Analog DAC, Ethernet (not grouped)
Endpoint2: Squeezebox Touch, Ethernet
Endpoint3: Squeezebox Boom, tried both wifi & Ethernet without difference
Endpoint4: Squeezebox Boom, wifi

Core: Small Green Computer i7 sonicTransport (recently updated), Ethernet
Cable Internet: 278MB down, 18MB up (Speed result of 278/18.67 Mbps | DSLReports, ISP Information)
Wifi router: Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000, firmware updated
My very favorite radio stream: (
Different live radio stations produce similar results.

Hey Ralph, thanks for reaching out! Can you clarify what you mean when you say “interruptions”? Does the stream quit entirely, or just drop out for a bit? And how often does this happen?

Hello Kevin -

Thanks for the reply! Interruptions could both be either that the live radio stream quits until restarted, or just hiccups for a few seconds and resumes. The interruptions could happen frequently / constantly - every few minutes or just a few times during the WFH day? I am a poor witness regarding the frequency. I would just give up on radio and switch to Tidal.

I haven’t had live radio streaming issues now since ungrouping the endpoints (not even once?). That only took me a year or more to figure out; and this comment means that maybe in the beginning days of Roon live radio streaming this wasn’t initially an issue? I started with Roon 6/2019 and started using radio stream once it was introduced (and had already grouped those Squeezebox endpoints).

Also note that I never experienced the interruptions with grouped endpoint playback from NAS files or Tidal. I’ve seen various complaints about live radio streaming here, but nobody else seems to mention grouping. I would prefer to group two of my Squeezebox endpoints, but only if it’s going to work!

Cheers, Ralph

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