Live radio: Station no longer exists

As of today Live Radio seems to have stopped working all my recent stations give “Station unavailable - Station no longer exists”.
Did not use it yesterday, but the day before it was still working fine, what has happened?

NB. I love the feature that an artists/song can be used to browse further!


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Same here…no Radio stations anymore…extremely low level user experience since 1.8.
Besides Roon let me activate my audio devices in settings, but then under zones they are not available. Roon remains silent on so many levels.

Same here and keen to have it back. Recently listened to stations no longer exist and a new search doesn’t find them. Thanks

@support looks like there is a server issue with Live Radio.

It’s being addressed. See

I am having the same issue on the core and all remotes. I updated to 1.8 a couple of days ago, the radio was fine yesterday. Played some music files last night but this morning I have the same issue…“Station unavailable - Station no longer exists”. This seems to be the same for all my stations. Tried rebooting everything but no improvement.
Looking forward to getting this fixed…thanks

Should be working now. See

Indeed I can confirm, system is back to normal.

NB. Maybe RoonLabs can implement an early warning in case this happens again, so it is not the user community that has to report these kind of issues. A page like could be helpfull to see availability of all Roon Services.

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