Loading views with multiple tags takes minutes

I use bookmarked views in the Tracks page a lot. In 1.2 these views (see screenshot with exapmple) loaded within seconds, now with 1.3 it sometimes takes up to 5 minutes. Tried building up the same view selecting the tags one by one, and noticed that each extra tag took longer to load. Also loading focus is verry slow in combinationation with tags.


Thanks for the report @Lpa – we’ll take a look at this and follow up.

Can you tell me how many tracks are in your library?


Hi @Lpa – sorry for the slow response here. This is an extremely large library, and our tagging feature has changed under the hood quite a bit in 1.3. Because there are additional calculations happening to make our taggging feature more robust, performance with collections as large as your is going to be a bit slower.

That said, we’d like to look into this and try to reproduce what you’re seeing – if there are performance improvement we can make, we will open a ticket internally and look into this. I don’t have a firm timeframe on when that would happen, but we would like to try and do better here for you.

Can you tell me:

  • How many tags you have
  • What browser you’re seeing slowness in
  • What are you tagging (tracks, albums, artists, etc)
  • How many items are in each tag

Once we have this data, we will take a look at this for you and see what we can do. Thanks!