Local Albums list crashes/freezes on Android (Roon 1.8 (Build 943))

Roon Core Machine

ROCK (Version 1.0 (build 227) stable), Intel NUC, i7, 32 GByte

Networking Gear & Setup Details

n/a for the issue

Connected Audio Devices

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge (firmware 1,44)

Number of Tracks in Library

I have no idea but I have 2365 Albums in my local Library

Description of Issue

Album List crashes regularly on my android devices.
Switching to Tidal, Artists then back to Albums causes the issue (but there is not a specific way to generate this issue, mostly it happens when I switch to e.g. chrome and then go back to Roon and then try to open the Albums TAB). On the display all is empty but only the stings My Albums and below 0 of 2365 is displayed. The only solution is to restart kill the crashed Roon app instance and then to restart. The issue appears after the update to the current version.
NB: All other TABs are fully accessible and display the expected information!

Update 23.05.2022:
@support any ideas?
here an screenshot more (made just few minutes ago):

Hello @DanHP432 ,

I’ve enabled diagnostics for your Android device, can you please use it for at least a few minutes and let me know after so that I can check for the Android logs? Thanks!

Hi @noris , yesterday I started the Roon client on my android device. Was unfortunately not able to reproduce the issue. NB: prior to the start the client was updated, as it took some time, I assume the database has been updated as well (?). After the update I notified an album disappeared (just FYI …it was the 4 most recently added Tidal album, maybe a sort/reindex problem with the updated database?). BTW: I saw a lot of search issues reported in the community chats (lot of esoteric ideas there…). Anyhow, are you guys using B+ -trees in order to sort/search the data? If so, I recommend to review the key/index rebuild algorithms as it causes often such issues!

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Thanks for the update @DanHP432 , do let us know if the issue returns.

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