Local Audio loading slowly, streaming unaffected

So here’s a weird one: I consistently get “audio loading slowly” errors when trying to play local files, but have zero issues playing TIDAL tracks. As far as I can tell, it only happens when I’m streaming via Roon from a NUC (NUC8i3BEH) running ROCK, ethernetted to a Bluesound Node 2 which is connected via optical cable to a Peachtree Nova150. I can’t reproduce the problem streaming directly to KEF LSXs, a couple of Macs or Windows PCs (though I mostly listen to to the Node so there may be a sample size problem). Happens to both FLAC files and the few mp3s I haven’t cleaned out of my system yet. I have less than 400 albums, ~5k tracks on the NUC, and the files are stored on a 2TB internal FireCuda hybrid drive. It doesn’t happen every time, but definitely four or five times each day when I’m working from home. I’ve taken to just switching over to the TIDAL version of the album but that seems . . . silly.

Anyone else had this problem?

I’ve moved this to support as it will be seen there.

Thanks! Still learning this forum.

Hello @Phil_Brady,

The next time that this occurs, please provide us with a set of Roon and BluOS diagnostic logs.

For the Roon logs use the instructions here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link. Please be sure to include the name of the track that was playing when the error occurred.

BluOS logs can be found by navigating to Bluesound’s IP Address in a web browser -> Diagnostics -> More -> Copy + paste the text into a text editor and include it in the dropbox upload.


Thanks, John. Will do!

Hey John,

It’s been happening again, so I’ve captured the logs as described. Where should I send the dropbox link?


Hi @Phil_Brady,

You can share the link here or you can send a private message to @support with the link.


Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gh7bzc0spnjp8au/%40Phil_Brady.rar?dl=0

Thanks, @Phil_Brady — I’ll get these over to @john for further investigation and we will follow up soon!

Hello @Phil_Brady,

Looking at the BluOS diagnostic logs, we can see that the device is dropping samples during playback which would explain the behavior you are seeing:

May 16 23:46:10 (none) user.info ./ms.pl: Controller::pause Controller.pm (1680) PLAYING
May 16 23:46:10 (none) user.info ./ms.pl: Controller::flushRtp Controller.pm (1729) flushRtp
May 16 23:46:10 (none) user.info dspout: Command(l=4): f308
May 16 23:47:02 (none) user.info ./ms.pl: main::HttpRequest ./ms.pl (1030) [1] /GetSettings
May 16 23:47:30 (none) user.warn RAAT: dropout of 318 samples at 2100000 [2]
May 16 23:47:30 (none) user.warn RAAT: dropout of 363 samples at 2100318 [2]
May 16 23:47:30 (none) user.warn RAAT: dropout of 363 samples at 2100681 [2]
May 16 23:47:30 (none) user.warn RAAT: dropout of 363 samples at 2101044 [2]
May 16 23:47:30 (none) user.warn RAAT: dropout of 363 samples at 2101407 [2]

These dropouts are happening on the device, your Roon Core is performing as expected when this occurs.

I recommend reaching out to the Bluesound support team for further assistance with this issue as they’d be best positioned to determine what is causing these dropouts to occur.


I figured that might be the case, as it doesn’t seem replicable on KEF LSX speakers or other endpoints, but it’s good to have confirmation that the ROCK is solid like, well, a rock. Thanks for the help!

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