Local cover art and removing disc

I am adding a private album that cannot be found via Roon. I’d like it to add an artist photo and also an album photo.

Artist photo is empty. I will add a jpg into the artist folder. How to name it? Folder/jpg?

Album shows the cover embedded in the first track. I’d like to use instead the jpg included in the album folder (labelled cover.jpg). Unfortunately, it is not picking it up. Possible to do?

Some of the tracks are wrongly tagged as 2/2 disc, so Roon shows them as as second disc. Is it possible to ignore this tag? Or a simple way to remove this tag?

Thanks for your help!

Depending on the operating system and already known programs, there will be different recommendations to solve this task.

Linux Puddletag, Easytag…
Windows MP3Tag, Foobar2000…
MacOS iTunes…

I myself used so far mainly MP3Tag or Foobar2000 for this task, there you can embed and put back into the folder, rename…

While album cover art can be retrieved from file tags, or the folders containing your files, artist images are only retrieved from Roon’s metadata suppliers.

If you wish to set or change a photo, then on the artist page, click on the 3 dots under the name and select add image.

For cover art, Roon will by default choose the highest resolution from your tags or folder files. If you wish to override this then a similar method to the above is used, see Roon KB article on this.

For fixing track grouping, then this KB article should help (section Merge Multiple Discs into One Disc)

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Thank you both @Uwe_Albrecht and @BrianW for sharing solutions for this question from @steve77 .

I wonder, is there anything else we can help with, @steve77 ?