Local Data stored in iOS - how to delete

Core Machine

MacBook Pro, i5, 16gb

Network Details

Google WiFi

Audio Devices

USB - Pro-Ject prebox s2 digital

Library Size

25,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I noticed that the Roon app on the iPad is using 2.5 GB of storage - maybe Qobuz related, how does one remove local data on iPad? Not even sure why its doing this unless it has to do with library related data.


Uninstall the Roon app from the iPhone and reboot the Phone.

It’s a cached store of library data, images, reviews, object links etc. held locally on the device to improve performance.

What about local copies? If i have saved a local copy?

Sorry I don’t really understand that question, local copies of what, but maybe this will help?

The Roon iOS app communicates with the Roon Core, all the important data is stored in the Roon Database which is held on the device running the Roon Core. Other than the zones setting and preferences which can easily be setup again there is no critical data lost by uninstalling a Roon remote application.

On top of that are your music files, these are stored on a file system that Roon Core has access to. The Roon Database stores references to the location of these files but not the files themselves. Apart from one important exception (album deletion trigger by the user) Roon does not change the music files.

Hope that helps, if not could you clarify your question.

In Roon when you are in a Qobuz playlist, (at the lease) you are offered the option to “save a local copy” - I think that’s what it says from the menu for the playlist.

Makes it sound like you can store something on your device - maybe it means store locally on the core?

So what I see when I look at the storage usage in iOS settings, is that Roon is using 2.5GB. Does that sound reasonable?

Thanks again, Andy

The play list is stored in the Roon Core database, not on the iDevice. Note it is only a list, it is not the music files themselves, they are always streamed from the Qobuz or Tidal cloud servers.

Offline play (downloading the music to local device) is only permitted using the Tidal or Qobuz applications their licensing agreement prevent 3rd party applications doing the same.

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